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Am I Blood  

This Finnish band started life under the curious monicker St. Mucus, releasing a debut album (Natural Mutation) in 1995 under that name before switching to Am I Blood a year or two later. During those early days current Amorphis vocalist Pasi Koskinen was the vocalist, leaving one month before the recording of Mutation. Stylewise, Metallica is the primary soundalike here, with Janne Kerminen's vocals being a dead ringer for James Hetfield and the musical style (crunchy, upbeat hard metal, bordering on thrash without really being a thrash band) very reminiscient of mid-period Metallica circa their black self-titled album. They've had their share of record label problems (indeed, The Truth Inside The Dying Sun was finished in 2001 but languished unreleased for four years due to the record label folding), resulting in their last couple of albums being self-released.

Current Members

Janne Kerminen


Toni Luoma




Toni Grönroos


Mickey Tanttu


Former Members/Guests

Pekka Kulmala


Hande Lanblade


Sauli Suomalainen



Natural Mutation 
1995 Stupido Twins
  1. Time
  2. Pit
  3. Turn away
  4. Fall
  5. Purpleslave
  6. Energy
  7. Misleading sights
  8. It's about
  9. I'm insane
  10. No
  11. Meanman
  12. Motorchild
  13. Religion
  14. Exterior
  • Janne Kerminen
  • Pekka Kulmala
  • Toni Grönroos
  • Sauli Suomalainen

Am I Blood 
1997 Nuclear Blast
  1. Battlefreak
  2. Disgrace
  3. Cannot feel
  4. Endless energy
  5. Emotions
  6. Immaterial
  7. Frayed chime
  8. No friend
  9. Lust
  10. Things you hate
  11. Determined anger
  12. Awake
  13. Love yourself
  14. Ceremony to fear
  • Janne Kerminen
  • Pekka Kulmala
  • Toni Grönroos
  • Sauli Suomalainen

1998 Nuclear Blast
  1. Negative
  2. Examination
  3. The day will be executed
  4. Segregated holocaust
  5. Suicidal solution
  6. Sorrow
  7. Scar in the head
  8. The final scream
  9. Stains
  10. Suffocated love
  11. Eternal you
  • Janne Kerminen
  • Pekka Kulmala
  • Toni Grönroos
  • Sauli Suomalainen

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(EP) Gone With You 
2000 Daylight
  1. Gone With You
  2. ...To Enthrone Myself
  3. Supremacy Of Failure
  4. Emptiness
  • Janne Kerminen
  • Pekka Kulmala
  • Hande Lanblade
  • Toni Grönroos
  • Sauli Suomalainen

The Truth Inside The Dying Sun 
2005 A1Metal
  1. War Of My Misery
  2. Gone With You
  3. Lies Wrote Mysteries
  4. The Truth Inside The Dying Sun
  5. Painful Ignorance
  6. The Saddest Grief
  7. Struggle In Disarray
  8. The One Who Forgives
  9. Supremacy Of Failure
  10. Collapse Of Ritual Belief
  • Janne Kerminen
  • Pekka Kulmala
  • Hande Lanblade
  • Toni Grönroos
  • Sauli Suomalainen

Existence Of Trauma 
2011 self-released
  1. Are You Alive
  2. Devil of Your Head
  3. Follow Me On The Darkside
  4. Bangin' Till My Head Is Numb
  5. Innocence Turns To Hatred
  6. The Dawn Became Their Pride
  7. Tears Of Your Agony
  8. Beyond The Shadows
  9. Shadows With The Colors
  10. Corruption and Waste
  11. Sin Of Believe
  • Janne Kerminen
  • Toni Luoma
  • Ilves
  • Toni Grönroos
  • Mickey Tanttu


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