Origin: Morgan City, LA, USA
Genres: Sludge Metal

Acid Bath  

Acid Bath's fusion of hardcore (vocals and speed bursts) and doom (a raw, St. Vitus-style guitar sound) has since become synonymous with the NOLA brand of metal -- sludgy, angry, and intense. More diverse than others in this field, both albums are recommended, with the first album being somewhat more varied in its approach, and the second album being a bit heavier and more focused.

Following bassist Audie Pitre's death in 1997, the band went through a period of inactivity and reflection before deciding to call it quits. Dax Riggs and Mike Sanchez formed Agents Of Oblivion soon afterward, and recorded one album before disbanding, and Riggs later formed Deadboy And The Elephantmen. Sammy Duet joined Crowbar as well as continuing in the black metal band Goatwhore.

Current Members

Dax Riggs

vocals (ex-Agents Of Oblivion)

Sammy Pierre Duet

guitars/backing vocals (ex-Crowbar, Goatwhore)

Mike Sanchez

guitars/backing vocals (ex-Agents Of Oblivion)

Audie Pitre

bass/backing vocals RIP: January 23, 1997, car accident, age 26

Jimmy Kyle



When The Kite String Pops 
1994 Rotten
  1. The Blue
  2. Tranquilized
  3. Cheap Vodka
  4. Finger Paintings Of The Insane
  5. Jezebel
  6. Scream Of The Butterfly
  7. Dr. Seuss Is Dead
  8. Dope Feind
  9. Toubabo Koomi
  10. God Machine
  11. The Morticians Flame
  12. What Color Is Death
  13. The Bones Of Baby Dolls
  14. Cassie Eats Cockaroaches
  • Dax Riggs
  • Sammy Pierre Duet
  • Mike Sanchez
  • Audie Pitre
  • Jimmy Kyle

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Paegan Terrorism Tactics 
1996 Rotten
  1. Paegan Love Song
  2. Bleed Me An Ocean
  3. Graveflower
  4. Dib Soul
  5. Locust Spawning
  6. Old Skin
  7. New Death Sensation
  8. Venus Blue
  9. 13 Fingers
  10. New Corpse
  11. Dead Girl
  12. The Beautiful Downgrade
  • Dax Riggs
  • Sammy Pierre Duet
  • Mike Sanchez
  • Audie Pitre
  • Jimmy Kyle

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Double Live Bootleg! 
2002 Rotten

Demos: 1993-1996  COMPILATION
2005 Rotten
  1. Dr. Seuss Is Dead
  2. What Color Is Death?
  3. Scream of the Butterfly
  4. God Machine
  5. The Mortician's Flame
  6. Dope Fiend
  7. Finger Paintings of the Insane
  8. Jezebel
  9. The Bones of Baby Dolls
  10. Venus Blue
  11. Bleed Me An Ocean
  12. Graveflower


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