Origin: TX, USA

Agony Column  

Agony Column is one of those forgotten treasures, a band whose irreverent and unique twist on metal gained them a tiny cult following but who was destined not to be big, simply because their style didn't easily slot into any genre and thus they probably perplexed many in their day (admittedly, I didn't find what little I heard of them all that great at the time, but they've grown on me in recent years). Their loose cross between hillbilly and thrash metal was original then and still would be today, and coupled with a wry sense of humor, resulted in a highly entertaining band. Never a band with a high profile, they released two albums in 1989 and 1991, then took some time off before returning with the rarer Way Back In The Woods release in 1996 before calling it a day. Finally, if you've ever read or seen the excellent metal magazine "Brave Words And Bloody Knuckles", now you know where that magazine got its name.

Current Members

Richie Turner


Stuart Lawrence

guitars (Ignitor)

Pawl Willis


Charlie Brownell



God, Guns & Guts 
1989 Big Chief
  1. God, Guns & Guts
  2. Snakebite
  3. 4x4
  4. Vicious Pack Of Lies
  5. Fiendish Plots
  6. 66 Six-Guns
  7. Cars, Sex & Violence
  8. Walk The Night
  9. Scarred For Life
  10. Blackjack
  11. Dead By Dawn
  12. Bag O' Bones
  13. Instrumental
  • Richie Turner
  • Stuart Lawrence
  • Pawl Willis
  • Charlie Brownell

Brave Words And Bloody Knuckles 
1991 Big Chief
  1. brave words & bloody knuckles
  2. angel of def
  3. lord almightY
  4. ultraviolent rays
  5. bayou road
  6. no time to kill
  7. crime & punishment
  8. big two hearted sammy
  9. hellbilly blues
  10. rain comes down
  11. suppertime
  12. hole to hell
  13. mississippi queen
  • Richie Turner
  • Stuart Lawrence
  • Pawl Willis
  • Charlie Brownell

Way Back In The Woods 
1996 No Bull
  1. The Spirit Rises
  2. Way Back In The Woods
  3. Flying Sorceress
  4. Obey The Command
  5. The Night Has 1000 Eyes
  6. Silver Spoon
  7. Whiskey Bottle
  8. Golly Wog
  9. Small Black Toad
  10. When The Dark Clouds Return
  11. The Devil's Carnival


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