Origin: Fort Collins, CO, USA
Genres: Melodic Death Metal


In the span of 6 years this Colorado mob has risen to the top flight of American extreme metal bands. Metal Blade wisely snapped up the band after an indie EP in 2008, and two albums in 2010 and 2012 laid the foundation for their 2014 record, Elements Of The Infinite. Elements seemlessly melds the best of technical death metal, melodic death metal, and even some traditional prog metal into one monster of a disc. The songs are dense but not suffocating, riffs are everywhere, the productions is sterling. Hard to see how the band can improve on Elements, but even if they don't, their metal resumé thus far is mightly impressive.

Current Members

Riley McShane


Greg Burgess


Michael Stancel


Corey Archuleta


Brandon Park


Former Members/Guests

Ezra Haynes


Ryan Glisan


Jordon Belfast


J.P. Andrade (guest)



(EP) Allegaeon 
  1. The Weeds Will Prosper
  2. Nex of Terra
  3. Preaching the Machine
  4. Cower Before Me
  • Ezra Haynes
  • Greg Burgess
  • Ryan Glisan
  • Corey Archuleta
  • Jordon Belfast

Fragments Of Form And Function 
2010 Metal Blade
  1. The Cleansing
  2. The Renewal
  3. Across the Folded Line
  4. The God Particle
  5. Biomech - Vals No. 666
  6. From Seed to Throne
  7. Atrophy of Hippocrates
  8. Point of Disfigurement
  9. A Cosmic Question...
  10. Accelerated Evolution
  • Ezra Haynes
  • Greg Burgess
  • Ryan Glisan
  • Corey Archuleta
  • Jordon Belfast

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2012 Metal Blade
  1. Behold (God I Am)
  2. Tartessos: The Hidden Xenocryst
  3. A Path Disclosed
  4. Twelve - Vals for the Legions
  5. Iconic Images
  6. The Azrael Trigger
  7. From the Stars Death Came
  8. Timeline Dissonance
  9. Formshifter
  10. Secrets of the Sequence
  • Ezra Haynes
  • Greg Burgess
  • Ryan Glisan
  • Corey Archuleta
  • J.P. Andrade

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Elements Of The Infinite 
2014 Metal Blade
  1. Threshold of Perception
  2. Tyrants of the Terrestrial Exodus
  3. Dyson Sphere
  4. The Phylogenesis Stretch
  5. 618
  6. Gravimetric Time Dilation
  7. Our Cosmic Casket
  8. Biomech II
  9. Through Ages of Ice – Otzi's Curse
  10. Genocide for Praise – Vals for the Vitruvian Man
  • Ezra Haynes
  • Greg Burgess
  • Michael Stancel
  • Corey Archuleta
  • Brandon Park

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Proponent For Sentience 
2016 Metal Blade
  1. Proponent for Sentience I - The Conception
  2. All Hail Science
  3. From Nothing
  4. Gray Matter Mechanics - Apassionata ex Machinea
  5. Of Mind and Matrix
  6. Proponent for Sentience II - The Algorithm
  7. Demons of an Intricate Design
  8. Terrathaw and the Quake
  9. Cognitive Computations
  10. The Arbiters
  11. Proponent for Sentience III - The Extermination
  12. Subdivisions (Rush cover)
  • Riley McShane
  • Greg Burgess
  • Michael Stancel
  • Corey Archuleta
  • Brandon Park


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