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A curious band, Amebix were well-known as punk/hardcore mainstays, but their work had an undeniable metallic element, as well as proving influential on future metal bands (Sepultura and Neurosis have proudly listed them as influences, and in the latter case, the influence is clear, at least when listening to very early Neurosis work). Of the two albums recorded, the earlier Arise album is clearly the punkier, while Monolith expands on their bleak style with more metallic influences. Their style is slightly difficult to pinpoint, but it combines elements of straight punk and Motorhead, mixed with vocals that were accurately described elsewhere as a cross between Cronos and Lemmy. Essentially homeless, jobless, and destitute for their entire career, they nonetheless managed to hold it together for a number of years, recording the odd single, EP, and two full-length albums before their breakup in 1987.

In 2008 the core of brothers Baron and Stig put together a new version of the group, with veteran metal drummer Roy Mayorga completing the trio. The new lineup released the well-received Sonic Mass album in 2011, but as of late 2012 the band has been laid to rest again.

Current Members

Stig (Chris Miller)

guitars/backing vocals

The Baron (Rob Miller)

bass/vocals (Tau Cross)

Roy Mayorga

drums (Channel Zero, ex-Medication, ex-Soulfly, Stone Sour, ex-Thorn)

Former Members/Guests



George Fletcher


A. Droid (Andy Wiggins)


Virus (Neil Worthington)


Spider (Robert Richards)



(EP) No Sanctuary 
1983 Spiderleg
  1. Battery Humans
  2. Control
  3. Progress?
  4. Sanctuary
  5. The Church Is For Sinners
  6. Sunshine Ward
  7. Moscow Madness (No Gods, Pt. 2)
  • Stig
  • The Baron
  • Norman
  • Virus

1985 Alternative Tentacles
  1. The Moor
  2. Axeman
  3. Fear of God
  4. Largactyl
  5. Drink and Be Merry
  6. Spoils of Victory
  7. Arise!
  8. Slave
  9. The Darkest Hour
  • Stig
  • The Baron
  • George Fletcher
  • Spider

1987 Heavy Metal
  1. Monolith
  2. Nobodys Driving
  3. The Power Remains
  4. Time Bomb
  5. Last Will and Testament
  6. I.C.B.M.
  7. Chain Reaction
  8. Fallen from Grace
  9. Coming Home
  • Stig
  • The Baron
  • A. Droid
  • Spider

The Power Remains  COMPILATION
1993 Skuld
  1. I.C.B.M.
  2. The Power Remains
  3. Chain Reaction
  4. Last Will and Testament
  5. Nobodys Driving
  6. Fallen From Grace
  7. Arise!
  8. Drink and be Merry

Beginning Of The End  COMPILATION
1998 self-released
  1. Battery Humans
  2. Control
  3. Progress
  4. Sanctuary
  5. The Church Is for Sinners
  6. Sunshine Ward
  7. Moscow Madness
  8. Carnage
  9. Curfew
  10. Belief
  11. No Gods No Masters
  12. Winter
  13. Beginning of the End

No Sanctuary: The Spiderleg Recordings  COMPILATION
2008 Alternative Tentacles
  1. Battery Humans
  2. Control
  3. Progress?
  4. Sanctuary
  5. The Church Is For Sinners
  6. Sunshine Ward
  7. Moscow Madness
  8. Winter
  9. Beginning Of The End
  10. Carnage
  11. Curfew
  12. Belief
  13. No Gods No Masters


(EP) Redux 
  1. Arise!
  2. Winter
  3. Chain Reaction
  • Stig
  • The Baron
  • Roy Mayorga

Sonic Mass 
  1. Days
  2. Shield Wall
  3. The Messenger
  4. God Of The Grain
  5. Visitation
  6. Sonic Mass Part 1
  7. Sonic Mass Part 2
  8. Here Come The Wolf
  9. The One
  10. Knights Of The Black Sun
  • Stig
  • The Baron
  • Roy Mayorga

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