Origin: Helsinki, Finland
Genres: Melodic Death Metal, Power Metal
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Finland just keeps pumping out quality band after quality band, including this Helsinki-based group who formed in 2000. Stylewise, though, this is clearly a tale of two cities. The band's earlier efforts, such as 2005's Decrowning, middle ground between brutal and melodic death metal, expertly produced and played, and these albums were quite well received. But even on those earlier albums there were traces of a more rock sensibility, slight hints of mainstream accessibility, and these influences were brought to the forefront on 2009's Show Your Colors. Gone were the death metal vocals, courtesy of a new frontman. Gone were the more aggressive, technical riffing. Amoral had transformed itself into a melodic power metal band, almost overnight. That transition has continued on 2011's Beneath, as the band continues to forge its own new path. Needless to say, this rather abrupt change in direction has sharply divided fans, as many accustomed to the old style have not taken to the new albums, as seen in several online reviews. Yet there is no doubt a new legion of listeners embracing this new direction, and as it is unlikely these guys will return to their death roots, their future is in their hands.

Current Members

Niko Kalliojärvi


Ari Koivunen


Ben Varon


Masi Hukari


Pekka Johansson


Juhana Karlsson


Former Members/Guests

Silver Ots


Erkki Silvennoinen

bass (De Lirium's Order, Omnium Gatherum)


Wound Creations 
2004 Rage Of Achilles
  1. The Verge
  2. Atrocity Evolution
  3. Silent Renewal
  4. Solvent
  5. The Last Round
  6. Other Flesh
  7. Distract
  8. Nothing Daunted (Gallows Pole Rock n' Roll)
  9. Languor Passage
  • Niko Kalliojärvi
  • Ben Varon
  • Silver Ots
  • Erkki Silvennoinen
  • Juhana Karlsson

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2005 Spinefarm
  1. Showdown
  2. Lacrimal Gland
  3. Decrowning
  4. Tiebreaker
  5. Drug of Choice
  6. Denial 101
  7. Control Cancer
  8. Raptus
  9. Warp
  10. Bleeder
  • Niko Kalliojärvi
  • Ben Varon
  • Silver Ots
  • Erkki Silvennoinen
  • Juhana Karlsson

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Reptile Ride 
2007 Spinefarm
  1. Leave Your Dead Behind
  2. Nerdvasion
  3. Hang Me High
  4. Mute
  5. Few And Far Between
  6. Snake Skin Saddle
  7. D-Drop Bop
  8. Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Fun
  9. Pusher
  • Niko Kalliojärvi
  • Ben Varon
  • Silver Ots
  • Juhana Karlsson

Reviews:   Chronicles Of Chaos  Lords Of Metal  Metal Observer 

Show Your Colors 
2009 Spinefarm
  1. Random Words
  2. Release
  3. A Shade of Gray
  4. Year of the Suckerpunch
  5. Perfection Design
  6. Sex N' Satan
  7. Song for the Stubborn
  8. Vivid
  9. Gave Up Easy
  10. Last October
  11. Exit
  • Ari Koivunen
  • Ben Varon
  • Silver Ots
  • Pekka Johansson
  • Juhana Karlsson

Reviews:   Lords Of Metal  Metal Observer 

2011 Spinefarm
  1. Beneath
  2. Wrapped in Barbwire
  3. Silhouette
  4. Things Left Unsaid
  5. (Won't Go) Home
  6. Closure
  7. Same Difference
  8. Hours of Simplicity
  9. Wastelands
  10. This Ever Ending Game
  11. No Future
  12. Of Silent Stares & Fire Lost
  • Ari Koivunen
  • Ben Varon
  • Masi Hukari
  • Pekka Johansson
  • Juhana Karlsson

Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows 
2014 Spinefarm
  1. On the Other Side Pt. I
  2. No Familiar Faces
  3. Prolong a Stay
  4. Blueprints
  5. If not Here, Where?
  6. The Storm Arrives
  7. See This Through
  8. On The Other Side Pt. II
  • Ari Koivunen
  • Ben Varon
  • Masi Hukari
  • Pekka Johansson
  • Juhana Karlsson

In Sequence 
2016 Imperial
  1. In Sequence (Prologue)
  2. Rude Awakening
  3. The Betrayal
  4. Sounds Of Home
  5. The Next One To Go
  6. Helping Hands
  7. Defuse The Past
  8. From The Beginning (The Note Part 2)


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