Origin: Oslo, Norway
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Blood Tsunami  

As others have noted, naming an album Thrash Metal, as this new Norwegian band has done, has its plusses and minuses -- it's certainly not an original title, but at least it gives listeners at least some idea of what to expect. This is thrash metal, true, but this more along the lines of modern thrash, with a hint of melodic death metal, and rarely resembling the Kill 'Em All worship that several bands are latching onto these days. Featuring Pete Evil of Norway's MTV Headbanger's Ball on vocals and the one and only Faust on drums (he who, after cutting his teeth in Emperor and then serving a stint in jail, seems to appear in a new band every three months), this is all pretty good stuff, if a shade one-dimensional and samey. Evil's harsh vocals aren't in line with old-school thrash, but they do enforce the modern thrash feel of the album. Thrash Metal is a decent first effort, though some broadening of horizons is in order if they wish to rise above the masses.

Current Members

Peter Michael Kolstad Vegem


Kristoffer Sørensen


Carl Janfalk


Faust (Bård Eithun)

drums (ex-Aborym, ex-Emperor, Scum)

Former Members/Guests

Peter Boström



Thrash Metal 
2007 Candlelight
  1. Evil Unleashed
  2. Let Blood Rain
  3. Rampage Of Revenge
  4. Infernal Final Carnage
  5. Devoured By Flames
  6. Torn Apart
  7. Godbeater
  8. Killing Spree
  • Peter Michael Kolstad Vegem
  • Kristoffer Sørensen
  • Peter Boström
  • Faust

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Grand Feast For Vultures 
2009 Candlelight
  1. Castle of Skulls
  2. Grand Feast for Vultures
  3. Personal Exorcism
  4. Nothing but Contempt
  5. Laid to Waste
  6. Eceladus Rising
  7. One Step Closer to the Grave
  • Peter Michael Kolstad Vegem
  • Kristoffer Sørensen
  • Peter Boström

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For Faen! 
2013 Indie
  1. Butcher of Rostov
  2. Dogfed
  3. The Rape of Nanking
  4. The Dungeon of the Rats
  5. Metal Fang
  6. The Brazen Bull
  7. Grave Desecrator
  8. Unholy Nights
  9. B.T.K.
  10. Krokodil
  • Peter Michael Kolstad Vegem
  • Kristoffer Sørensen
  • Carl Janfalk
  • Faust


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