Origin: England
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Until several years ago, the career of Blaze Bayley had been a case of "should have been". His first band, Wolfsbane, should have been big, but they were not, as they failed to live up to the hype despite some early successes. His subsequent move to Iron Maiden should have been a great career move, but it was not, as Maiden was somewhat in decline at the time and much of the blame was quite unfairly placed on the vocalist. But with his own band simply called Blaze, Bayley finally stood tall. The style here is undeniably British, with very slight nods to Maiden (actually it sounds a bit more like a Priest/Maiden mixture, though not really similar to either), and Blaze's vocals are powerful and steady and relaxed. After a successful run and a few albums, Bayley decided to ditch the lineup, recruiting all new members and officially continuing as Blaze Bayley.

Current Members

Blaze Bayley (Bayley Alexander Cooke)

vocals (ex-Iron Maiden, Wolfsbane)

Former Members/Guests

Steve Wray


John Slater


Nico Bermudez


Jay Walsh

guitars (Xentrix)

Chris Appleton (guest)


Michelle Sciarrotta (guest)

guitars/backing vocals

Thomas Zwijsen


Andrea Neri


Rob Naylor


Wayne Banks

bass (Persian Risk, ex-Sabbat)

David Bermudez




Karl Schramm (guest)


Jeff Singer

drums (Kill II This, ex-Paradise Lost)

Jason Bowld

drums (Pitchshifter)

Larry Patterson


Claudio Tirincanti


Martin McNee (guest)



Silicon Messiah 
2000 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. Ghost In The Machine
  2. Evolution
  3. Silicon Messiah
  4. Born As A Stranger
  5. The Hunger
  6. The Brave
  7. Identity
  8. Reach For The Horizon
  9. The Launch
  10. Stare At The Sun
  • Blaze Bayley
  • Steve Wray
  • John Slater
  • Rob Naylor
  • Jeff Singer

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Tenth Dimension 
2002 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. Forgotten Future
  2. Kill and Destroy
  3. End Dream
  4. The Tenth Dimension
  5. Nothing Will Stop Me
  6. Leap of Faith
  7. The Truth Revealed
  8. Meant to Be
  9. Land of the Blind
  10. Stealing Time
  11. Speed of Light
  12. Stranger to the Light
  • Blaze Bayley
  • Steve Wray
  • John Slater
  • Rob Naylor
  • Jeff Singer

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As Live As It Gets  LIVE
2003 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. Speed Of Light
  2. When Two Worlds Collide
  3. Steel
  4. Kill And Destroy
  5. End Dream
  6. Stare At The Sun
  7. Land Of The Blind
  8. Silicon Messiah
  9. Dazed & Confused
  10. Virus
  11. The Brave
  12. Stranger To The Light
  13. Identify
  14. Sign Of The Cross
  15. Futureal
  16. Ghost In The Machine
  17. Born As A Stranger
  18. Tenth Dimension
  • Blaze Bayley
  • Steve Wray
  • John Slater
  • Rob Naylor
  • Jeff Singer

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Blood And Belief 
2004 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. Alive
  2. Ten seconds
  3. Blood and belief
  4. Life after death
  5. Tearing myself to pieces
  6. Hollow head
  7. Will to win
  8. Regret
  9. The path and the way
  10. Soundtrack of my life
  • Blaze Bayley
  • Steve Wray
  • John Slater
  • Wayne Banks
  • Jason Bowld

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The Man Who Would Not Die 
  • Blaze Bayley
  • Nico Bermudez
  • Jay Walsh
  • David Bermudez
  • Larry Patterson

The Night That Would Not Die 
  • Blaze Bayley
  • Nico Bermudez
  • Jay Walsh
  • David Bermudez
  • Larry Patterson

Promise And Terror 
  • Blaze Bayley
  • Nico Bermudez
  • Jay Walsh
  • David Bermudez
  • Larry Patterson

The King Of Metal 
  1. The King of Metal
  2. Dimebag
  3. The Black Country
  4. The Rainbow Fades to Black
  5. Fate
  6. One More Step
  7. Fighter
  8. Judge Me
  9. Difficult
  10. Beginning
  • Blaze Bayley
  • Thomas Zwijsen
  • Andrea Neri
  • Lehmann
  • Claudio Tirincanti

(EP) Russian Holiday 
2013 self-released
  1. Stealing Time
  2. Russian Holiday
  3. Soundtrack of my Life
  4. One More Step
  5. Sign of the Cross

Soundtracks Of My Life  COMPILATION
  1. Man Who Would Not Die
  2. Ghost In The Machine
  3. Stare At The Sun
  4. Robot
  5. Kill & Destroy
  6. Silicon Messiah
  7. The Brave
  8. The Launch
  9. King Of Metal (Remixed by Rick Plester)
  10. Rainbow Fades To Black
  11. Samurai
  12. Blackmailer
  13. Watching The Night Sky
  14. Speed Of Light
  15. Soundtrack Of My Life
  16. Russian Holiday (acoustic feat. Thomas Zwijsen)
  17. Clansman (acoustic feat. Thomas Zwijsen)
  18. Voices From The Past
  19. Tenth Dimension
  20. Blood And Belief
  21. 10 Seconds
  22. Leap Of Faith
  23. Tough As Steel (Blaze version)
  24. Comfortable In Darkness
  25. Living Someone Elses Life
  26. The Day I Fell To Earth
  27. Motherfuckers R Us
  28. Wonderful Life (SINNERGOD feat. Blaze Bayley)
  29. Hatred (new song)
  30. Eating Children (new song)

Infinite Entanglement 
  1. Infinite Entanglement
  2. A Thousand Years
  3. Human
  4. What Will Come
  5. Stars Are Burning
  6. Solar Wind
  7. The Dreams of William Black
  8. Calling You Home
  9. Dark Energy 256
  10. Independence
  11. A Work of Anger
  • Chris Appleton
  • Michelle Sciarrotta
  • Karl Schramm
  • Martin McNee

Endure And Survive 
  1. Endure and Survive
  2. Escape Velocity
  3. Blood
  4. Eating Lies
  5. Destroyer
  6. Dawn of the Dead Son
  7. Remember
  8. Fight Back
  9. The World Is Turning the Wrong Way
  10. Together We Can Move the Sun


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