Origin: San Francisco, CA, USA
Genres: 80's Metal
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Brocas Helm  

A cult San Francisco band that seemingly has been around forever, Brocas Helms's unique twist on metal (kind of a dark, moody, semi-thrash style) is quite different, really a one-of-a-kind style with the exception of neighbors The Lord Weird Slough Feg, with whom Brocas has gigged with in the past. They recorded two albums back in the eighties and then went sixteen long years before their third album, 2004's Defender Of The Crown, came out. They haven't recorded since but still play live on occasion.

Current Members

Bobbie Wright

guitars/vocals (Hexx)

Jim Schumacher


Jack Hays


Former Members/Guests

Tom "T-Bone" Behney



Into Battle 
1984 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. Metallic Fury
  2. Into Battle
  3. Here to Rock
  4. Beneath a Haunted Moon
  5. Warriors of the Dark
  6. Ravenwrek
  7. The Dark Rider
  8. Night Siege
  9. Into the Ithilstone
  • Bobbie Wright
  • Jim Schumacher
  • Jack Hays
1984 BNR Top Ten album

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Black Death 
1988 self-released
  1. Black Death
  2. Prepare for Battle
  3. The Chemist
  4. Hell's Whip
  5. Satan's Prophets
  6. Fly High
  7. Prophets Scream
  8. Fall of the Curtain
  • Bobbie Wright
  • Tom "T-Bone" Behney
  • Jim Schumacher
  • Jack Hays

Defender Of The Crown 
2004 self-released
  1. Cry Of The Banshee
  2. Defender Of The Crown
  3. Skullfucker
  4. Drink And Drive
  5. Blood Machine
  6. Preludious
  7. Ghost Story
  8. Helm's Deep
  9. Juggernaut
  10. Time Of The Dark
  11. War Toons
  12. Never Kissed Goodbye
  13. Persian Gulf
  14. Children Of The Nova Dawn
  15. Drink The Blood Of The Priest
  • Bobbie Wright
  • Jim Schumacher
  • Jack Hays

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Black Death In Athens  LIVE
  1. Into Battle
  2. Metallic Fury
  3. Here to Rock
  4. Warriors of the Dark
  5. Ghost Story
  6. RavenWreck
  7. The Chemist
  8. Into the Ithilstone
  9. Drink and Drive
  10. Drink the Blood of the Priest
  11. Dark Rider
  12. Blood Machine

Demonstration Of Might  COMPILATION
  1. Into Battle
  2. Into the Ithilstone
  3. Here to Rock
  4. Ravenwreck
  5. Beneath a Haunted Moon
  6. Black Death
  7. Fly High
  8. Hell's Whip
  9. Prepare for Battle
  10. Satan's Prophets
  11. Drink and Drive
  12. Crazy
  13. Blood Machine
  14. Juggernaught
  15. Helm's Deep
  16. Ghost Story
  17. War Toons
  18. Time of the Dark
  19. Juggernaught


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