Origin: Finland
Genres: Power Metal
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Burning Point  

Burning Point is a newish power metal band from Finland, a country who has produced several well-known traditional metal bands over the years (Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Nightwish, et. al.). For some reason Children Of Bodom is a frequent reference point, but this seems inappropriate, as BP is less adventurous in their approach and, more telling, they do not employ extreme vocals, instead opting for the clear, classic midrange vocals of co-founder Pete Ahonen. Their style mixes a bit of the ever-popular Euro speed metal style with more melodic metal influences (a la Rainbow or perhaps Yngwie Malmsteen). The guys pretty much play it safe on their two releases, sticking to a tried and true formula that offers few if any surprises, but delivers quality musicianship and catchy songs, even if the songwriting is a shade generic. The band will find it difficult to rise to superstardom without broadening their sound, but for the time being they are a solid power metal band.

Current Members

Nitte Valo


Pete Ahonen


Pekka Kolivuori


Sami Nyman


Jarkko Väisänen


Jussi Ontero

drums (Dolorian)

Former Members/Guests

Jukka Kyrö


Toni Kansanoja

bass (ex-Catamenia)

Jukka Jokikokko


Pasi Hiltula

keyboards (ex-Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, ex-Kalmah)

Jari Kaiponen



Salvation By Fire 
2001 Limb Music
  1. The Burning Point
  2. Under The Dying Sun
  3. Lake Of Fire
  4. Fall Of Thy Kingdom
  5. Higher
  6. Black Star
  7. Stealer Of Light
  8. The One
  9. Signs Of Danger
  10. Salvation By Fire
  • Pete Ahonen
  • Jukka Kyrö
  • Toni Kansanoja
  • Jari Kaiponen

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Feeding The Flames 
2003 Limb Music
  1. Into The Fire
  2. Blackened The Sun
  3. Veil Of Secrecy
  4. Voice From The Past
  5. I Am The Silent One
  6. Stray Bullet
  7. Night Games
  8. Quicker Than The Eye
  9. Malmikivi
  10. Resurrection Machine
  11. All The Madness
  12. Feeding The Flames
  13. Bad Blood
  14. Into The Light
  • Pete Ahonen
  • Jukka Kyrö
  • Toni Kansanoja
  • Jari Kaiponen

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Burned Down The Enemy 
2007 Metal Heaven
  1. Parasite
  2. Heart Of Gold
  3. Dawn Of The Ancient War
  4. Hell Awaits
  5. From The Beginning Of It All
  6. Icebound
  7. Deceiver
  8. Eye For An Eye
  9. To Hell And Back
  10. Against The Madness Of Time
  11. Burned Down The Enemy
  12. My Reign, My Fire
  13. Heart Of Gold (demo)
  14. The Road To Hell
  • Pete Ahonen
  • Pekka Kolivuori
  • Jukka Jokikokko
  • Jussi Ontero
  • Jari Kaiponen

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2009 Metal Heaven
  1. Intro / "The Godfather" Theme
  2. Empyre
  3. Manic Merry-Go-Round
  4. Face The Truth
  5. Fool's Parade
  6. Was It Me
  7. Walls Of Stone
  8. Sacrifice
  9. Cruel World
  10. Blinded By The Darkness
  11. Only The Wrong Will Survive
  • Pete Ahonen
  • Pekka Kolivuori
  • Jukka Jokikokko
  • Pasi Hiltula
  • Jussi Ontero

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The Ignitor 
2012 Scarlet
  1. Eternal Flame (Salvation By Fire Part 2)
  2. In The Fire's Of My Self-Made Hell
  3. In The Night
  4. The Ignitor
  5. Silent Scream
  6. Heaven Is Hell
  7. Losing Sleep
  8. Demon Inside Of You
  9. Everdream
  10. Lost Tribe
  11. Holier Than Thou
  • Pete Ahonen
  • Pekka Kolivuori
  • Jukka Jokikokko
  • Pasi Hiltula
  • Jussi Ontero

Burning Point 
2015 AFM
  1. In The Shadows
  2. All The Madness
  3. Signs Of Danger
  4. Find Your Soul
  5. Heart Of Gold
  6. My Darkest Times
  7. Dawn Of The Ancient War
  8. Into The Fire
  9. Queen Of Fire
  10. Blackened The Sun
  11. I've Had Enough (Into The Fire)
  • Nitte Valo
  • Pete Ahonen
  • Pekka Kolivuori
  • Sami Nyman
  • Jarkko Väisänen
  • Jussi Ontero


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