Origin: WV, USA
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West Virginia's finest Byzantine formed in 2000 and soon signed to Prosthetic Records, eventually resulting in their debut full-length album The Fundamental Concept. The band often mentioned as a soundalike or influence here is Meshuggah, but these guys are far from Meshuggah clones -- while they share a fondness for choppy, staccato riffs and rhyhtms, Byzantine is far less interested in the dense, wall-of-sound style of Meshuggah, preferring instead a sparser, groovier style that works to great effect (others have described them as a cross between Meshuggah and Pantera, an apt description). They disbanded almost immediately following the January 2008 release of Oblivion Beckons, but reunited two years later.

Current Members

Chris Ojeda


Brian Henderson


Sean Sydnor


Matt Bowles


Former Members/Guests

Tony Rohbrough


Chris Adams


Michael Cromer


Matt Wolfe



(EP) Broadmoor 
2003 self-released
  1. Stoning Judas
  2. Slipping on Noise
  3. Kill Chain
  4. My New Casket
  5. Hatfield
  6. The Filth of our Underlings
  • Chris Ojeda
  • Tony Rohbrough
  • Chris Adams
  • Matt Wolfe

The Fundamental Component 
2004 Prosthetic
  1. Hatfield
  2. Stick Figure
  3. Stoning Judas
  4. My New Casket
  5. Sin Remover
  6. Slipping on Noise
  7. Kill Chain
  8. The Devil's Arithmetic
  9. Brundlefly
  10. The Filth of Our Underlings
  • Chris Ojeda
  • Tony Rohbrough
  • Chris Adams
  • Matt Wolfe

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... And They Shall Take Up Serpents 
2005 Prosthetic
  1. Justicia
  2. Taking Up Serpents
  3. Jeremiad
  4. Ancestry of the Antichrist
  5. Temporary Temples
  6. Five Faces of Madness
  7. Redneck War
  8. Pity None
  9. The Rat Eaters
  10. Salem, Ark
  • Chris Ojeda
  • Tony Rohbrough
  • Matt Wolfe

Oblivion Beckons 
2008 Prosthetic
  1. Absolute Horizon
  2. Nadir
  3. Oblivion Beckons
  4. The Gift of Discernment
  5. Expansion and Collapse
  6. Catalyst
  7. Pattern Recognition
  8. Renovatio
  9. Centurion
  10. Receiving End of Murder
  11. All Hail the End Times
  12. Deep End of Nothing
  13. A Residual Haunting
  • Chris Ojeda
  • Tony Rohbrough
  • Michael Cromer
  • Matt Wolfe

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2013 self-released
  1. Which Light Shall Never Penetrate
  2. Soul Eraser
  3. Efficacy
  4. Forged in the Heart of a Dying Star
  5. Caldera
  6. Signal Path
  7. Everything I Touch Bursts into Flame
  8. Posthumous
  9. Pathogen
  • Chris Ojeda
  • Tony Rohbrough
  • Michael Cromer
  • Matt Wolfe

To Release Is To Resolve 
2015 self-released
  1. Scold's Bridle
  2. Justinian Code
  3. A Curious Lot
  4. The Agonies
  5. God Forsaken
  6. You Sleep, We Wake
  7. To Release
  8. To Resolve
  • Chris Ojeda
  • Brian Henderson
  • Sean Sydnor
  • Matt Wolfe

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The Cicada Tree 
2017 Metal Blade
  1. New Ways to Bear Witness
  2. Vile Maxim
  3. Map of the Creator
  4. Dead as Autumn Leaves
  5. Trapjaw
  6. The Subjugated
  7. Incremental
  8. The Cicada Tree
  9. Verses of Violence
  10. Moving in Stereo
  11. Servitude
  • Chris Ojeda
  • Brian Henderson
  • Sean Sydnor
  • Matt Bowles


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