Origin: Japan
Genres: Doom Metal
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Church Of Misery  

A cult Japanese band for the last several years, Church Of Misery combine raw St. Vitus-styled doom with each track's lyrics devoted to a different well-known serial killer (Gacy, Gein, Dahmer, others). Taste The Pain also features a nice cover of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida". For those into the real slow, ultra-heavy stuff Electric Wizard, Sleep, etc), this is a great band.

Current Members

Hideki Fukasawa


Ikuma Kawabe


Tatsu Mikami


Junji Narita


Former Members/Guests

Nobukazu Chou


Yoshiaki Negishi


Kazuhiro Asaeda


Tomohiro Nishimura


Hideki Shimizu



(EP) Taste The Pain 
1998 Bad Acid
  1. Room 213 (Jeffery Dahmer)
  2. Taste The Pain (Graham Young)
  3. Plainfield (Ed Gein)
  4. In A Gadda Da Vidda

Born Too Late (split w/ Sheavy) 
1998 Game Two
  1. Spahn Ranch (Charles Manson)
  2. Road To Ruin (Charles Whiteman)
  3. Reverend (Jim Jones)
  4. War Is Our Destiny
  • Nobukazu Chou
  • Tomohiro Nishimura
  • Tatsu Mikami
  • Hideki Shimizu

(EP) Murder Company 
1999 Man's Ruin
  1. Murder Company (Henry Lee Lucas)
  2. Son Of A Gn (David Berkowitz)

Master Of Brutality 
2001 Southern Lord
  1. Killfornia (Ed Kemper)
  2. Ripping Into Pieces (Peter Sutcliffe)
  3. Megalomania (Herbert Mullin)
  4. Green River
  5. Cities On Flame
  6. Master Of Brutality (John Wayne Gacy)
  • Yoshiaki Negishi
  • Tomohiro Nishimura
  • Tatsu Mikami
  • Junji Narita

Church Of Misery (split w/ Acrimony) 
2003 Game Two
  1. Tumuli ?
  2. Satellite 19 ?
  3. In Other Wor(l)ds ?
  4. 100 New Gods ?
  5. Timebomb!!!! ?
  6. Race With The Devil
  7. Chilly Grave
  8. Cloud Bed
  9. Kingdom Scum
  • Kazuhiro Asaeda
  • Tomohiro Nishimura
  • Tatsu Mikami
  • Hideki Shimizu

Second Coming 
2004 Diwphalanx
  1. Boston Strangler (Albert Desalvo)
  2. El Topo
  3. I, Motherfucker (Ted Bundy)
  4. Candy Man (Dean Corll)
  5. Invocation Of My Demon Brother
  6. I, Motherfucker (Ted Bundy)
  7. Soul Discharge (Mark Essex)
  8. Red Ripper Blues (Andrei Chikatilo)
  9. Filth Bitch Boogie (Aileen Wuornos)
  10. One Way...Or Another (Cactus cover)
  11. Candy Man (Dean Corll)
  12. El Topo

Early Works Compilation  COMPILATION
2004 Leaf Hound
  1. Spahn Ranch (Charles Manson)
  2. Road to Ruin (Charles Whitman)
  3. Reverend (Jim Jones)
  4. War Is Our Destiny (Saint Vitus cover)
  5. Room 213 (Jeffery Dahmer)
  6. Taste the Pain (Graham Young)
  7. Plainfield (Ed Gein)
  8. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Iron Butterfly cover)
  9. Murder Company (Henry Lee Lucas)
  10. Son of a Gun (David Berkowitz)
  11. Where Evil Dwells (Richard Ramirez)
  12. Sick of Living (Zodiac)
  13. Come Touch the Sky (Trouble cover)
  14. Accident (Black Widow cover)
  15. Chains of Death (Death SS cover)
  16. Retal (Howard Unruh)

Houses Of The Unholy 
2006 Diwphalanx

Live In Red - Eurotour 2005 

Vol. 1 
2007 Leaf Hound
  1. Cloud Bed
  2. Nutz
  3. Kingdom Scum
  4. Frog`s Funeral
  5. Cerebrate Pigs
  6. Chilly Grave
  7. Race With The Devil
  • Hideki Fukasawa
  • Ikuma Kawabe
  • Tatsu Mikami
  • Junji Narita

(EP) Denis Nilsen 
  1. Born to Raise Hell ( Richard Speck )
  2. Cranley Gardens ( Denis Nilsen )
  3. Hurricane
  4. Hymn of the Satanic Empire ( Studio Recording Jam )

Houses Of The Unholy 
2009 Rise Above
  1. El Padrino (Adolfo Constanzo)
  2. Shotgun Boogie (James Oliver Huberty)
  3. The Gray Man (Albert Fish)
  4. Blood Sucking Freaks (Richard Chase)
  5. Master Heartache
  6. Born To Raise Hell (Richard Speck)
  7. Badlands (Charles Stalkweather)

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(EP) Greetings From Jonestown 
  1. Jonestown Massacre (Jim Jones)
  2. Der Hund Von Baskerville
  3. Marmor, Stein Und Eisen Bricht

Live At Roadburn 2009 
2010 Roadburn
  1. El Padrino
  2. I, Motherfucker
  3. Shotgun Boogie
  4. Red Ripper Blues
  5. Taste The Pain
  6. Candy Man
  7. Killifornia
  8. For Mad Man Only

Reviews:   Lords Of Metal 

Thy Kingdom Scum 
2013 Rise Above
  1. B.T.K. (Dennis Rader)
  2. Lambs to the Slaughter (Ian Brady / Myra Hindley)
  3. Brother Bishop (Gary Heidnik)
  4. Cranley Gardens (Dennis Andrew Nilsen)
  5. One Blind Mice (Quatermass cover)
  6. All Hallow's Eve (John Linley Frazier)
  7. Düsseldorf Monster (Peter Kürten)


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