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Cadacross was formed in 1997, initially as a Carcass-influenced death metal band, though by the time of their first album in 2000 they had injected more melodic sections to their style. Apparently enough musical differences arose between leader Georg Laakso and the rest of the band (Laakso wanting to continue to move away from death metal) that, by the time of 2001's followup Corona Borealis, Laakso was the only remaining member from the first album lineup. Their style mixes melodic speed/power metal with death vocals a style of metal particularly popular in Finland, which is Cadacross' home. Invariably Children Of Bodom is named as the prime similarly styled band for any Finnish band in this field, though in the case of Cadacross, COB serves more as a minor reference rather than a major soundalike. Corona actually shows more depth in the music department, with a grandiose style that suits them well (Finntroll is often mentioned as another influence, though it's a fleeting reference at best), though the vocals are rather one-dimensional roars, also typical for this style.

With Laakso and several others moving on to Turisas, and with Laakso himself quitting the music scene due to physical injuries, Cadacross is probably done.

Current Members

Sami Aarnio


Georg Laakso

guitars/vocals (ex-Turisas)

Tino Ahola


Jukka-Pekka Miettinen

bass (Arthemesia, ex-Ensiferum)

Antti Ventola

keyboards (ex-Turisas)

Nina Laakso

backing vocals

Kimmo Miettinen

drums (ex-Arthemesia)

Former Members/Guests

Tommi Saari


Jarkko Lemmetty


Mathias Nygård

keyboards (Turisas)

Janne Salo



So Pale Is The Light 
2001 Low Frequency
  1. Intro
  2. Twilight
  3. So Pale is the Light
  4. Battle of North
  5. Might of Sword
  6. Dawn Breaks Behind My Eyes
  7. Turmion Taival
  • Georg Laakso
  • Tommi Saari
  • Jarkko Lemmetty
  • Mathias Nygård
  • Janne Salo

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Corona Borealis - The Northern Crown 
2002 Low Frequency
  1. The Northern Crown
  2. Among The Stars
  3. Learn The Dark
  4. Flaming Ember
  5. Morningstar
  6. Forest Remains Victor
  7. Bring Out Your Dead
  8. Kings of Grim
  9. Wreath of Seven Star
  10. Turmion Taival
  • Sami Aarnio
  • Georg Laakso
  • Tino Ahola
  • Jukka-Pekka Miettinen
  • Antti Ventola
  • Nina Laakso
  • Kimmo Miettinen


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