Origin: San Diego, CA, USA
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Formed in San Diego in 1992, Cage unabashedly play classic 80's American power metal. An album was recorded in 1995 but never released, thus it wasn't until 1998 that Unveiled found its way into the public eye, followed up by the concept album Astrology in 2000 and Darker Than Black in 2003. Cage's style is solidly in the Metal Church/ Jag Panzer camp, featuring crunchy guitar work and excellent vocals courtesy of Sean Peck, who vocally resembles Jag Panzer's Harry Conklin at times. Not surprisingly, Cage is currently more popular in Europe than in their home country, but that might change someday. Old metal purists will definitely get into this band.

Current Members

Sean Peck

vocals (Death Dealer, Denner/Shermann, Warrior)

Dave Garcia


Casey Trask


Dwight Hoy


Sean Elg

drums (Nihilist)

Former Members/Guests

Eric Horton


Anthony Wayne McGiness


Steve Brogden


Mike Giordano


Pete Stone

bass (Kill II This)

Damien Arletto


Mike Nielsen


Norm Leggio

drums (Brick Bath, ex-End Amen, Psychotic Waltz, Teabag)


1998 Omega
  1. Shoot To Kill
  2. Modern Darkness
  3. I Live
  4. Buried In The Box
  5. Devil Inside
  6. Dancing Around The Fire
  7. Release Me
  8. Unveiled
  9. The Iron Priest
  10. Nomad
  11. Influence
  12. E.B.S.
  13. Disaster
  14. Sudden Death
  15. ???
  • Sean Peck
  • Dave Garcia
  • Eric Horton
  • Mike Giordano
  • Damien Arletto

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2000 Omega
  1. Astrology
  2. Final Solution
  3. Psychotically Deranged
  4. The Edge
  5. Echelon
  6. Root Of All Evil
  7. The Trigger Effect
  8. Souls And Flesh
  9. Fountain Of Youth
  10. Broken Dreams
  11. Vandalize
  12. Victim Of Society
  13. The Astrologicon
  • Sean Peck
  • Dave Garcia
  • Eric Horton
  • Mike Giordano
  • Mike Nielsen

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Darker Than Black 
2003 Massacre
  1. Darker Than Black
  2. Kill The Devil
  3. Chupacabra
  4. Blood Of The Innocent
  5. Eyes Of Obsidian
  6. Phladelphia Experiment
  7. March Of The Cage
  8. White Magic
  9. Door To The Unknown
  10. Secret Of Fatima
  11. Wings Of Destruction
  12. Chupacabra
  • Sean Peck
  • Dave Garcia
  • Anthony Wayne McGiness
  • Mike Giordano
  • Mike Nielsen

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Hell Destroyer 
2007 Destroy
  1. Descension
  2. Hell Destroyer
  3. I Am the King
  4. The Circle of Light
  5. Christ Hammer
  6. Born in Blood
  7. Abomination
  8. Innauguration
  9. Rise of the Beast
  10. Cremation of Care
  11. Bohemian Grove
  12. Final Proclamation
  13. From Death to Legend
  14. Legion of Demons
  15. Betrayal
  16. Fall of the Angels
  17. Fire and Metal
  18. Beyond the Apocalypse
  19. The Lords of Chaos
  20. Metal Devil
  21. King Diamond (European bonus track)
  • Sean Peck
  • Dave Garcia
  • Anthony Wayne McGiness
  • Mike Giordano
  • Mike Nielsen

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Science Of Annihilation 
2009 Music Buy Mail
  1. The Power that Feeds
  2. Planet Crusher
  3. Scarlet Witch
  4. Spirit of Vengeance
  5. Black River Falls
  6. Operation Overlord
  7. Power of a God
  8. Speed Kills
  9. Stranger in Black
  10. Die Glocke
  11. Spectre of War
  12. Science of Annihilation
  13. At the Edge of the Infinite
  • Sean Peck
  • Dave Garcia
  • Anthony Wayne McGiness
  • Mike Giordano
  • Norm Leggio

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The Rise To Power 
2011 Music Buy Mail

Supremacy Of Steel 
2011 Music Buy Mail
  1. Bloodsteel
  2. The Beast Of Bray Road
  3. King Of The Wasteland
  4. Metal Empire
  5. War Of The Undead
  6. Flying Fortress
  7. Doctor Doom
  8. Annaliese Michel
  9. Braindead Woman
  10. The Monitor
  11. Hell Destroyer vs. Metal Devil
  • Sean Peck
  • Dave Garcia
  • Steve Brogden
  • Pete Stone
  • Norm Leggio

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Ancient Evil 
2015 independent
  1. There Were Others
  2. Ancient Evil
  3. Behind the Walls of Newgate
  4. The Procedure
  5. The Appetite
  6. Cassandra
  7. Blinded by Rage
  8. Tell Me Everything
  9. The Expedition
  10. Beholder
  11. I Have Awakened
  12. Across the Sea of Madness
  13. To Save Love
  14. Christ Protect Me
  15. Sinister Six
  16. Symphony of Sin
  17. The Antidote
  18. Tomorrow Never Came
  19. It Canít Be
  • Sean Peck
  • Dave Garcia
  • Casey Trask
  • Dwight Hoy
  • Sean Elg

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