Origin: Sweden
Genres: Death Metal
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Dog Faced Gods  

Named after the Testament song, Dog Faced Gods was originally an offshoot of the Swedish band Ebony Tears, the band formed after the members realizing that new songs intended for a new ET albums didn't fit the ET style. Unlike the melodic folky death of early Ebony Tears, Random Chaos Theory In Action is a more intense, Meshuggah-ish death/thrash mixture, with vocals slightly more hardcore in flavor.

In interviews at the time of the album's release, the members indicated that they preferred the Dog Face Gods style over Ebony Tears, and in fact possibly intended to phase out ET altogether to focus on the Dogs. Instead, however, two subsequent Ebony Tears were released, with a style much closer to the current Dogs material. Eventually both bands went dormant, but in May 2005 came word that Dog Faced Gods were back in action.

Current Members

Johnny Wranning

vocals (ex-Ebony Tears)

Conny Jonsson

guitars (ex-Ebony Tears)

Peter Tuthill

bass (ex-Construcdead)

Rickard Evansand

drums (Demonoid, ex-Ebony Tears, ex-Lion's Share, ex-Sorcerer, Therion)


Random Chaos Theory In Action 
1998 GNW
  1. Blindfolded
  2. The Man Inside
  3. God Over All
  4. Face My Rage
  5. Fractured Image
  6. Dirge
  7. Prozac 3105
  8. Purge
  9. As Worlds Collide
  10. Swallowtail
  11. The Chaos Factor
  • Johnny Wranning
  • Conny Jonsson
  • Peter Tuthill
  • Rickard Evansand

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