Origin: Long Island, NY, USA
Genres: Nu-Metal

Dry Kill Logic  

Dry Kill Logic was formed in 1993, and went by the name Hinge for some time before changing to their present name. They released two independent albums before being signed by Roadrunner during that label's nu-metal signing frenzy, and in 2001 released The Darker Side Of Nonsense. Nonsense is a prototypical nu-metal album, with a fine performance from vocalist Cliff Rigano and the occasional inventive riff. On the downside, the album comes across as just another nu-metal album in a sea of similar such releases, though to their credit they have persevered and released a few albums since then.

Current Members

Cliff Rigano


Jason Bozzi


Brendan Duff


Phil Arcuri


Former Members/Guests

Louie Bravo


Scott Thompson


Dave Kowatch


Danny Horboychuk



(EP) Cause Moshing Is Good Fun! 
1998 Psychodrama
  1. Kingman
  2. Take Away
  3. I See Hate
  • Cliff Rigano
  • Louie Bravo
  • Dave Kowatch
  • Phil Arcuri

Elemental Evil 
1999 Psychodrama
  1. Pray That I Miss
  2. Bring Back The Black
  3. What?
  4. Now I See The Light
  5. Pride
  6. Pork Chop Sandwich
  • Cliff Rigano
  • Louie Bravo
  • Dave Kowatch
  • Phil Arcuri

The Darker Side Of Nonsense 
2001 Roadrunner
  1. Nightmare
  2. Feel The Break
  3. Pain
  4. Nothing
  5. Assfault
  6. Weight
  7. A Better Man Than Me
  8. Rot
  9. Track 13
  10. Give Up, Give In, Lie Down
  11. The Strength I Call My Own
  12. Goodnight
  • Cliff Rigano
  • Scott Thompson
  • Dave Kowatch
  • Phil Arcuri

The Dead And The Dreaming 
2004 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. Lost
  2. Paper Tiger
  3. Buckles
  4. With Deepest Regrets
  5. Neither Here Nor Missed
  6. Perfect Enemy
  7. Living Witness
  8. One Handed Knife Fight
  9. As Thick As Thieves
  10. 200 Years
  11. No Reason
  • Cliff Rigano
  • Jason Bozzi
  • Danny Horboychuk
  • Phil Arcuri

(EP) The Magellan Complex 
2006 Repossession
  1. It's So Easy
  2. Dirty Black Summer
  3. From Victim To Killer
  • Cliff Rigano
  • Jason Bozzi
  • Brendan Duff
  • Phil Arcuri

Of Vengeance And Violence 
2006 Repossession
  1. L5 (Prologue)
  2. My Dying Heart
  3. 4039
  4. Caught in the Storm
  5. From Victim to Killer
  6. Genius
  7. Boneyard
  8. Kingdom of the Blind
  9. Dead Man's Eyes
  10. Confidence vs Consequence
  11. Breaking the Broken
  12. Lying Through Your Teeth
  13. In Memoria Di
  • Cliff Rigano
  • Jason Bozzi
  • Brendan Duff
  • Phil Arcuri

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