Origin: Los Osos, CA, USA
Genres: Death Metal
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Deeds Of Flesh  

Deeds Of Flesh is one of those brutal death metal bands that motor along, releasing a string of albums strictly for the underground fan. Their style is unabashedly brutal, technically-minded death metal -- they clearly have the requisite chops but don't go too overboard with the technicality (just playing this style at all demands some serious musicianship). Some of the members of the band run the Unique Leader Records label.

Current Members

Erik Lindmark


Craig Peters


Erlend Caspersen

bass (ex-Blood Red Throne)

Mike Hamilton

drums (Exhumed, ex-Vile)

Former Members/Guests

Corey Athos


Jim Tkacz


Sean Southern


Jacoby Kingston


Joey Heaslet


Brad Palmer



(EP) Gradually Melted 
1995 Wild Rags
  1. Three Minute Crawlspace
  2. Gradually Melted
  3. Human Sandbags
  4. Feelings of Metal Through Flesh
  • Erik Lindmark
  • Jacoby Kingston
  • Joey Heaslet

Trading Pieces 
1996 Repulse
  1. Carnivorous Ways
  2. Born Then Torn Apart
  3. Trading Pieces
  4. Hunting Humans
  5. Impious Offerings
  6. Acid Troops
  7. Deeds of Flesh
  8. Erected on Stakes
  9. Chunks in the Shower
  10. Blasted
  11. Outro
  • Erik Lindmark
  • Jacoby Kingston
  • Joey Heaslet

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Inbreeding The Anthropophagi 
1998 Repulse
  1. End of All
  2. Feeding Time
  3. Inbreeding the Anthropophagi
  4. Infecting Them With Falsehood
  5. Canvas of Flesh
  6. Ritual of Battle
  7. Fly Shrine
  8. Gradually Melted
  • Erik Lindmark
  • Jacoby Kingston
  • Brad Palmer

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Path Of The Weakening 
1999 Unique Leader
  1. Indigenous to the Appalling (Mutinous Human)
  2. Lustmord
  3. Path of the Weakening
  4. Summarily Killed
  5. Sounds of Loud Reigns
  6. Execute the Anthropophagi
  7. I Die on My Own Terms
  8. Sense of the Diabolic
  9. A Violent God
  • Erik Lindmark
  • Jim Tkacz
  • Jacoby Kingston
  • Joey Heaslet

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Mark Of The Legion 
2001 Unique Leader
  1. Cleansed by Fire
  2. Eternity of Feasting and Brawling
  3. Mark of the Legion
  4. Spewing Profligacy
  5. Fulfilled in Warfare
  6. Contest of Wills
  7. Master of Murder
  8. Ideal Genocide
  9. Drink the Blood
  • Erik Lindmark
  • Jacoby Kingston
  • Mike Hamilton

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Reduced To Ashes 
2003 Unique Leader
  1. Reduced to Ashes
  2. Infested Beneath the Earth
  3. Avowed Depraved
  4. Empyrean
  5. Human Trophies
  6. Banished
  7. Disinterred Archaic Heap
  8. The Endurance
  • Erik Lindmark
  • Jacoby Kingston
  • Mike Hamilton

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Crown Of Souls 
2005 Unique Leader
  1. Crown of Souls
  2. Medical Murder
  3. Hammer-Forged Blade
  4. Forced Attrition
  5. This Macabre Fetish
  6. The Resurrected
  7. Incontestably Evil
  8. Crimson Offering
  9. Caught Devouring
  • Erik Lindmark
  • Jacoby Kingston
  • Mike Hamilton

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Live In Montreal 
2005 Unique Leader

Of What's To Come 
2008 Unique Leader
  1. Waters of Space
  2. Eradication Pods
  3. Unearthly Invent
  4. Of What's to Come
  5. Virvum
  6. Century of the Vital
  7. Harvest Temples
  8. Dawn of the Next
  9. Infecting Them With Falsehood
  • Erik Lindmark
  • Sean Southern
  • Erlend Caspersen
  • Mike Hamilton

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Portals To Canaan 
2013 Unique Leader
  1. Amidst The Ruins
  2. Entranced In Decades Of Psychedelic Sleep
  3. Rise Of The Virvum Juggernaut
  4. Celestial Serpents
  5. Caelum Hirundines Terra/The Sky Swallows The Earth
  6. Xeno-Virus
  7. Hollow Human Husks
  8. Portals To Canaan
  9. Orphans Of Sickness
  • Corey Athos
  • Erik Lindmark
  • Craig Peters
  • Erlend Caspersen
  • Mike Hamilton

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