Origin: Toledo, OH, USA
Genres: Traditional Metal


Ohio metallers who straddled the line between accessible hard rock and slightly thrashy metal, Damien scored some minor MTV play with their early work, then laid low for several years before a couple of the guys got together to put out the self-financed Angel Juice (somewhat more metallic than previous work) before calling it a day. Many years later, four of the five guys got back together again and released an album in 2011.

Note: no relation to the Swedish thrash band Damien.

Current Members

Randy Mikelson


Chuck Stohl

lead guitar

Fritz Adamshick

rhythm guitar

Kevin Kekes

bass (ex-Chastain)

Johnny Cappelletty


Former Members/Guests

Rob Brug

drums (Halloween)


Every Dog Has Its Day 
1988 Select
  1. Wolf Dreams
  2. Possession
  3. Serpents Rising
  4. Give Me A Sign
  5. Every Dog Has Its Day
  6. World Affair
  7. Season Of The Arrow
  8. I Play For You
  9. Glass City
  10. Race To The End
  • Randy Mikelson
  • Chuck Stohl
  • Fritz Adamshick
  • Kevin Kekes
  • Johnny Cappelletty

Stop This War 
1989 Select
  1. Stop This War
  2. Break Out
  3. Rising Dawn
  4. Matilda
  5. 30 St. Clair
  6. Stormwind
  7. Warlord
  8. Always In Lust
  9. The Priests Are Coming
  10. Corpse Grinder
  • Randy Mikelson
  • Chuck Stohl
  • Fritz Adamshick
  • Kevin Kekes
  • Johnny Cappelletty

Angel Juice 
1995 Mourning Star
  1. Shadows In Darkness
  2. Silent Rage
  3. The Politics of Pain
  4. The Rite
  5. Broken Neck
  6. Death March
  7. Perpetual Sleep
  8. The Awakening
  9. Vlad
  10. Retribution
  11. Turn The Key
  12. The Legend of Trotis
  • Chuck Stohl
  • Kevin Kekes
  • Rob Brug

Beyond Apathy 
  1. Alive
  2. Beyond Apathy
  3. Justine and Juliette
  4. With A Smile
  5. Liberty
  6. Breathe
  7. Beltane Fire
  8. Living Dead
  9. The Shaman
  10. Sweet Polly
  11. Electrosplatter
  • Randy Mikelson
  • Chuck Stohl
  • Kevin Kekes
  • Johnny Cappelletty


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