Origin: Netherlands
Genres: Doomdeath
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Deinonychus was formed in 1992 by Marco Kehren, and for several years the project operated as a one-man band, Kehren finally joined by former Cradle Of Filth drummer William Sarginson in 1999 and two others a couple of years later. Funeral doom is the order of the day here, particularly on 1996's The Weeping Of A Thousand Years, with its church organs, ultra-slow riffs, and harsh vocals. By the time of Mournament in 2002 the band had branched out just a bit, toward a more standard doomdeath style. Kehren is an emotive vocalist (he also fronted the bizarre German act Bethlehem for a time), with black metal howls, growls, and all-around tortured screams the focal point of the band. As with most bands in this style, the audience is limited, but these guys pull off doomdeath as well as anyone these days.

Kehren decided to disband the group in September 2008, with a new (non-metal) project in the works in its place.

Current Members

Marco Kehren

vocals/guitars (ex-Bethlehem)

Jürgen Bartsch

bass (Bethlehem)

William Sarginson

drums (ex-The Blood Divine, ex-Cradle Of Filth, December Moon)

Fabien Pereira


Guiseppe Orlando


Former Members/Guests

Stafford Glover




Alessio Fagrelli (guest)


Steve Wolz (guest)

drums (ex-Bethlehem)


The Silence Of December 
1995 Cacophonous
  1. Intro-Black Sun
  2. I, Ruler Of Paradise In Black
  3. The Silence Of December
  4. The Final Affliction Of Xafan
  5. A Shining Blaze Over Darkland
  6. Under The Autumn Tree
  7. Here Lies My Kingdom
  8. My Travels Through The Midnight Sky
  9. Red Is My Blood...Cold Is My Heart
  10. Outro-Bizarre Landscape
  • Marco Kehren

When The Rain Falls (demos) 
1996 Gutteral
  1. Intro
  2. A Throne On My Long Awaited Desires
  3. A Ruler Of Paradise In Black
  4. A Shining Blaze Over Darkland
  5. Tears Will Flow
  • Marco Kehren

The Weeping Of A Thousand Years 
1996 Cacophonous
  1. The Romantic Sounds Of Death
  2. A Gathering Of Memories
  3. Upon The Highlands I Fought
  4. A Last Lament
  5. I Have Done As You Did
  6. Lost Forever
  7. The Awakened
  8. The Gothic Statue
  • Marco Kehren

Ark Of Thought 
1997 Supernal
  1. Chrysanthemums In Bloom
  2. Revelation
  3. My Days Until
  4. Oceans Of Soliloquy
  5. Serpent Of Old
  6. Leviathan
  7. The Fragrant Thorns Of Roses
  8. Birth And The Eleventh Moon
  • Marco Kehren

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1999 Ars Metalli
  1. You Died Before I Was Finished
  2. Inspiring Vulnerable Thought
  3. One Day
  4. Moments
  5. Building The Paradox
  6. This, A Murder Of Crows
  7. Balaam Wore Black
  8. Why is it That Angels Speak Such Evil?
  • Marco Kehren
  • William Sarginson

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2002 My Kingdom
  1. Pluto's Ovoid Orbit
  2. Salus Deceived
  3. Odourless Alliance
  4. Tantalised In This Labyrinth
  5. The Crimson Tides - Oceans Of Soliloquy Pt.II
  6. Selek From Menes
  7. A Misleading Scenario
  8. The Obscure Process Of Metamorphous
  9. Arrival In Mesopotamia
  10. Ancient Dreams
  11. Ascension - The 40th Day After Eastern
  • Marco Kehren
  • Stafford Glover
  • Arkdae
  • William Sarginson

2004 My Kingdom
  1. Nightfall Guides Insomnia To An Everlasting Mental Torture, With This Being The Consequence
  2. We Have Uncovered A Question And Now We Must Unearth The Answer
  3. Long I Feared That My Sins Would Return To Visit Me, And The Cost Is More Than I Can Bear
  4. To Diagnose The Fortunes Of Paranoia Consuming Consciousness And Sanity
  5. Reasons To Open Your Eyelids And Awake The Apocalypse Iris Is Telling You
  • Marco Kehren
  • Alessio Fagrelli
  • Steve Wolz
  • Guiseppe Orlando

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Warfare Machines 
2007 My Kingdom
  1. Krematorium
  2. Carpet Bombing
  3. Manoeuvre East
  4. NaPola
  5. MG-34
  6. False Flag
  7. Nerve Agent
  8. Morphium
  • Marco Kehren
  • Jürgen Bartsch
  • Fabien Pereira
  • Guiseppe Orlando

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