Origin: Poland
Genres: Gothic Metal


The enigmatic Polish group Desdemona has been around for at least a few years. Reviewed here is the second of their three albums, 2003's _s.u.p.e.r.n.o.v.a., an album combining some traditional gothic tones with a heavier dynamic along with spacey techno influences, quite a unique combination. In some senses Desdemona is a bit like fellow Poles Artrosis, though with a difference. While that band transformed from a traditional (though quite distinctive) gothic metal band to a electronica-based band, Desdemona sounds more like a band that mixes the two styles -- they aren't a prototypical gothic band, and while the electronic elements are there, they aren't quite a techno band either. The excellent vocals by Agata Pawlowicz are also a bit in the Artrosis camp, or perhaps a bit like Madder Mortem's Agnete Kirkevaag -- not soprano, but more in the alto range, emotional, steady, and entrancing. Desdemona apparently hasn't made a lot of headway outside of Poland (at least, judging from a lack of information about them that isn't in Polish), but _s.u.p.e.r.n.o.v.a. is an excellent album for those that like a touch of techno with their gothic metal. It appears that their debut, Stagnacja, is more in the traditional gothic camp, and one might guess that Version 3.0 furthers the electronic angle.

Current Members

Agnieszka Lesna


Krzysztof Chorazy


Simon Swierczynski


Robert Plaskowski


Former Members/Guests

Joanna Radlowska


Agata Pawlowicz


Michal Odachowski


Mariusz Fraszcak


Dawid Markow

keyboards RIP: 2010


2000 Morbid Noizz
  1. Slady przeznaczenia
  2. Shira
  3. Fabryka czasu
  4. Niespelniony
  5. Tryumf
  6. W sloncu dawnych dni
  7. Sens wyobrazni
  8. Stangacja
  9. Aleja gwiazd
  10. Zludzenie
  • Joanna Radlowska
  • Michal Odachowski
  • Krzysztof Chorazy
  • Mariusz Fraszcak
  • Dawid Markow

2003 Metal Mind
  1. Orbital
  2. XI IX
  3. Tomorrow Will Turn Into The Past
  4. To The Past Shadows
  5. Crucified: Act I
  6. XII: Salem
  7. Void
  8. The Was Between Us
  9. Mantra
  10. _s.u.p.e.r.N.O.V.A.
  11. Mimosa
  12. Astral Drift
  13. Insomnia
  14. Depression
  • Agata Pawlowicz
  • Michal Odachowski
  • Krzysztof Chorazy
  • Mariusz Fraszcak

Version 3.0 
2004 Metal Mind
  1. Zombie
  2. The Sinner
  3. Eternal Flame
  4. Midion
  5. Brumgia
  6. Sleepwalkers
  7. Sound 1
  8. You Fucker...
  9. The Longing
  10. Sound 2
  11. No More Lies
  12. The Orgasm
  • Agata Pawlowicz
  • Michal Odachowski
  • Krzysztof Chorazy
  • Simon Swierczynski
  • Robert Plaskowski

Reviews:   Metal Observer 

Live 3.0 
2006 Metal Mind

  1. Bring In All
  2. Desdream
  3. Poison
  4. Jealous Sky
  5. Devilís Game
  6. Sorrow
  7. Letís Play Love
  8. In Flames
  9. Euphoria
  10. XXX
  • Agnieszka Lesna
  • Krzysztof Chorazy
  • Simon Swierczynski
  • Robert Plaskowski


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