Origin: Germany
Genres: Thrash Metal


Despair was one of the early signings for the fledgling Century Media label (which stands to reason, as former vocalist Robert Kampf founded the label) and also one of the earlier bands featuring producer (and Grip Inc. guitarist) Waldemar Sorychta. Beyond All Reason is basically a Germanic-flavored early-nineties thrash album (more Euro-speed metal than classic thrash), with the occasional progressive touch with time changes and the like. Not really revolutionary for its time, and a bit dated now, but competantly done. Sorychta and Kampf announced a reformation of the group in late 2004, but as of this writing nothing definitive has come of this.

Current Members

Andreas Hentschel


Waldemar Sorychta

guitars (ex-Eyes Of Eden, Enemy Of The Sun, ex-Grip Inc., Moonspell, ReVamp, ex-Voodoocult)

Marek Grzeszek

guitars RIP: May 15, 2013, suicide

Klaus Pachura


Markus Freiwald

drums (Sodom, ex-Voodoocult)

Former Members/Guests

Robert Kampf



History Of Hate 
1988 Century Media
  1. The Enigma
  2. Freedom Now
  3. History Of Hate
  4. Constructing The Apocalypse
  5. Slow Death
  6. Outconditioned
  7. Slaves Of Power
  8. Joy Division
  9. Never Trust
  • Robert Kampf
  • Waldemar Sorychta
  • Marek Grzeszek
  • Klaus Pachura
  • Markus Freiwald

Reviews:   Metal Observer 

Decay Of Humanity 
1990 Century Media
  1. Decay of Humanity
  2. Cry For Liberty
  3. Delusion
  4. Victims of Vanity
  5. A Distant Territory
  6. Silent Screaming
  7. Radiated
  8. Satanic Verses
  • Andreas Hentschel
  • Waldemar Sorychta
  • Marek Grzeszek
  • Klaus Pachura
  • Markus Freiwald

Beyond All Reason 
1992 Century Media
  1. Beyond Comprehension
  2. Deaf and Blind
  3. Imported Love
  4. The Day of Desperation
  5. In the Deep
  6. Rage in the Eyes
  7. Burnt Out Souls
  8. Son of the Wild
  9. Crossed in Sorrow
  • Andreas Hentschel
  • Waldemar Sorychta
  • Marek Grzeszek
  • Klaus Pachura
  • Markus Freiwald


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