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According to early reports, this was Dez Fafara's foray into death metal, a new beginning for the former Coal Chamber frontman. Coal Chamber never quite got over the "Korn clone" tag, and well before the band's official breakup, Fafara was planting the seeds for a new project, originally called Deathride before switching to DevilDriver. So, is this new project a nu-metal band, or a death metal band? The answer is a bit of both, and a lot of neither, meaning that DevilDriver is clearly not a traditional death metal album, and it's not really a nu-metal album, but there are elements of both styles mixed together. Fafara's vocals are more of a roar than a classic death metal growl, and the riffs contain a slight groove a bit more aligned with nu-metal, yet again this is not a nu-metal album, at least not by the standards set by Korn and others. The songs are a bit samey, and overall this doesn't break much new ground, but the album is capable and fits in with the current American underground extreme metal scene. The band now has six albums to its credit, but Fafara has reactiveated Coal Chamber, and so as of this writing (February 2015) DevilDriver is inactive.

Current Members

Dez Fafara

vocals (Coal Chamber)

Mike Spreitzer


Neal Tiemann


Diego Ibarra


Austin D'Amond

drums (ex-Chimaira)

Former Members/Guests

Evan Pitts


Jeffrey Kendrick


Jon Miller


Chris Towning


John Boecklin



2003 Roadrunner
  1. Nothing.s Wrong?
  2. I Could Care Less
  3. Die
  4. I Dreamed I Died
  5. Cry For Me Sky
  6. The Mountain
  7. Knee Deep
  8. What Does It Take
  9. Swinging The Dead
  10. Revelation Machine
  11. Meet The Wretched
  12. Devil's Son
  • Dez Fafara
  • Evan Pitts
  • Jeffrey Kendrick
  • Jon Miller
  • John Boecklin

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The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand 
2005 Roadrunner
  1. End Of The Line
  2. Driving Down The Darkness
  3. Grinfucked
  4. Hold Back The Day
  5. Sin & Sacrifice
  6. Ripped Apart
  7. Pale Horse Apocalypse
  8. Just Run
  9. Impending Disaster
  10. Bear Witness Unto
  11. Before The Hangman's Noose
  12. The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand
  • Dez Fafara
  • Mike Spreitzer
  • Jeffrey Kendrick
  • Jon Miller
  • John Boecklin

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The Last Kind Words 
2007 Roadrunner
  1. Not All Who Wander Are Lost
  2. Clouds Over California
  3. Bound by the Moon
  4. Horn of Betrayal
  5. These Fighting Words
  6. Head on to Heartache (Let Them Rot)
  7. Burning Sermon
  8. Monsters of the Deep
  9. Tirades of Truth
  10. When Summoned
  11. The Axe Shall Fall
  • Dez Fafara
  • Mike Spreitzer
  • Jeffrey Kendrick
  • Jon Miller
  • John Boecklin

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Pray For Villians 
2009 Roadrunner
  1. Pray For Villains
  2. Pure Sincerity
  3. Fate Stepped In
  4. Back With A Vengeance
  5. I've Been Sober
  6. Resurrection Blvd.
  7. Forgiveness Is A Six Gun
  8. Waiting For November
  9. It's In The Cards
  10. Another Night in London
  11. Bitter Pill
  12. Teach Me To Whisper
  13. I See Belief
  • Dez Fafara
  • Mike Spreitzer
  • Jeffrey Kendrick
  • Jon Miller
  • John Boecklin

2011 Roadrunner
  1. Dead To Rights ()
  2. Bring The Fight (To The Floor) ()
  3. Hardened ()
  4. Shitlist ()
  5. Talons Out (Teeth Sharpened) ()
  6. You Make Me Sick ()
  7. Coldblooded ()
  8. Blur ()
  9. The Blame Game ()
  10. Black Soul Choir ()
  11. Crowns Of Creation ()
  12. Lend Myself To The Night ()
  • Dez Fafara
  • Mike Spreitzer
  • Jeffrey Kendrick
  • Jon Miller
  • John Boecklin

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Winter Kills 
2013 Napalm
  1. The Oath
  2. Ruthless
  3. Desperate Times
  4. Winter Kills
  5. The Appetite
  6. Gutted
  7. Curses and Epitaphs
  8. Caring's Overkill
  9. Hunting Refrain
  10. Tripping Over Tombstones
  11. Sail
  • Dez Fafara
  • Mike Spreitzer
  • Jeffrey Kendrick
  • Chris Towning
  • John Boecklin

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Trust No One 
2016 Napalm
  1. Testimony Of Truth
  2. Bad Deeds
  3. My Night Sky
  4. This Deception
  5. Above It All
  6. Daybreak
  7. Trust No One
  8. Feeling Ungodly
  9. Retribution
  10. For What It's Worth
  11. House Divided ?
  12. Evil Of Swift Wings ?
  • Dez Fafara
  • Mike Spreitzer
  • Neal Tiemann
  • Chris Towning
  • Austin D'Amond


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