Origin: Japan
Genres: Death Metal
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Certainly not the normal style of metal that usually comes from Japan, Defiled deal in the sort of twisted, jumpy death metal more often associated with French Canadian death metal (a la Gorguts or Cryptopsy). The arrangements are a bit disjointed, as they never stay with one riff for more than a few seconds and the songs lack any sort of identity, though there are moments of dischordant riffing that is pretty interesting. These guys aren't for everyone, and even some in the death metal camp may find them a bit too out-there, but fans of the aforementioned bands will surely like Defiled.

Current Members

Kenji Sato


Yusuke Sumita


Haruhisa Takahata


Takahiro Okada


Former Members/Guests

Masafumi Kitamura


Hideki Fujimoto


Norihisa Fukuda


Kouji Uchida


Yuichi Ishiguro

drums (King's-Evil)

Naoki Akamatsu



(EP) Defeat Of Sanity 
1994 Bizzare
  1. Rush Of Hostility
  2. Addicted To Occult Oath
  3. Boiled In Limbo
  4. Defiled
  5. Defeat Of Sanity
  • Masafumi Kitamura
  • Yusuke Sumita
  • Norihisa Fukuda
  • Kouji Uchida

Erupted Wrath 
1999 Nightfall
  1. Fall Into Dilemma
  2. Nihilism
  3. Rush Of Hostility
  4. Erupted Wrath
  5. Defiled
  6. Boiled In Limbo
  7. Addicted To Occult Oath
  8. Crush The Enemy Rising
  9. Depth Of Psycho
  10. Defeat Of Sanity
  • Hideki Fujimoto
  • Yusuke Sumita
  • Norihisa Fukuda
  • Yuichi Ishiguro

Ugliness Revealed 
2001 Baphomet
  1. Intro
  2. Lies for a Lie
  3. Intro
  4. Decimate with Hysteria
  5. Intro
  6. Uncovered Plots
  7. Intro
  8. To Zero
  9. Intro
  10. Disguised
  11. Intro
  12. Fatal Intrique
  13. Intro
  14. Embodiment of Jealousy
  15. Crush the Enemy Rising
  16. Nihilism
  17. Defeat of Sanity
  18. Ugliness Revealed (outro)
  • Hideki Fujimoto
  • Yusuke Sumita
  • Norihisa Fukuda
  • Naoki Akamatsu

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2003 Season Of Mist
  1. Downfall
  2. The Dormant Within
  3. Divination
  4. Stench of Grudge
  5. Fast Decline
  6. Dissolve in Dust
  7. Enraptured
  8. Swollen Insanity
  9. Through the Killing
  10. Fear and Epicureanism
  11. Odor of Malignancy
  12. Floating Sediment
  13. Eciov Erazzic
  14. Decadence
  • Hideki Fujimoto
  • Yusuke Sumita
  • Norihisa Fukuda
  • Yuichi Ishiguro

In Crisis 
2011 Season Of Mist
  1. From Alpha
  2. Lethal Agitator
  3. Retrogression
  4. Unconscious Slavery
  5. Paradoxical Chaos
  6. In Crisis
  7. Behind You Pray
  8. Resentment Without End
  9. Intolerant
  10. Maze of Nescience
  11. Revelation of Doom
  12. To Omega
  • Kenji Sato
  • Yusuke Sumita
  • Haruhisa Takahata
  • Takahiro Okada

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