Origin: New Orleans, LA, USA
Genres: Sludge Metal
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Down is essentially a New Orleans supergroup of sorts, bring together members from bands such as Pantera, Crowbar, Corrosion Of Conformity, and Eyehategod -- indeed, the members past and present comprise a veritable who's who in Southern/sludge metal. The group originated as a side project and in reality the gaps between recordings were largely due simply to the members having other commitments, though in recent years this has become the main band for many of those involved.

Current Members

Phil Anselmo

vocals (Arson Anthem, ex-Necrophagia, ex-Pantera, Superjoint, ex-Viking Crown)

Pepper Keenan

guitars (ex-Corrosion Of Conformity)

Bobby Landgraf


Patrick Bruders

bass (ex-Crowbar, ex-Goatwhore)

Jimmy Bower

drums (ex-Corrosion Of Conformity, ex-Crowbar, ex-Debris Inc., Eyehategod, Superjoint)

Former Members/Guests

Kirk Windstein

guitars (Crowbar, Kingdom Of Sorrow, ex-Valume Nob)

Todd Strange

bass (Crowbar)

Rex Brown

bass (ex-Crowbar, Kill Devil Hill, ex-Pantera)

Ross Karpelman



1995 Elektra
  1. Temptations Wings
  2. Lifter
  3. Pillars Of Eternity
  4. Rehab
  5. Hail The Leaf
  6. Underneath Everything
  7. Eyes Of The South
  8. Jail
  9. Losing All
  10. Stone The Crow
  11. Pray For The Locust
  12. Swan Song
  13. Bury Me In Smoke
  • Phil Anselmo
  • Pepper Keenan
  • Kirk Windstein
  • Todd Strange
  • Jimmy Bower

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II - A Bustle In Your Hedgerow 
2002 Elektra
  1. Lysergik Funeral Procession
  2. There's Something On My Side
  3. Man That Follows Hell
  4. Stained Glass Cross
  5. Ghosts Along The Mississippi
  6. Learn From This Mistake
  7. Beautifully Depressed
  8. Where I'm Going
  9. Doobinterlude
  10. New Orleans Is A Dying Whore
  11. The Seed
  12. Lies (I Don't Know What They Say But...)
  13. Flambeaux
  14. Dog Tired
  15. Wars
  • Phil Anselmo
  • Pepper Keenan
  • Kirk Windstein
  • Rex Brown
  • Jimmy Bower

III - Over The Under 
2007 ILG/Warner
  1. 3 Suns and 1 Star
  2. The Path
  3. N.O.D.
  4. I Scream
  5. On March the Saints
  6. Never Try
  7. Mourn
  8. Beneath the Tides
  9. His Majesty the Desert
  10. Pillamyd
  11. In the Thrall of It All
  12. Nothing in Return (Walk Away)
  • Phil Anselmo
  • Pepper Keenan
  • Kirk Windstein
  • Rex Brown
  • Jimmy Bower

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Diary Of A Mad Band 

  1. Losing All
  2. Lifer
  3. Lysergic Funeral Procession
  4. Rehab
  5. Temptation's Wings
  6. Ghosts Along the Mississippi
  7. Learn from This Mistake
  8. Hail the Leaf
  9. New Orleans Is a Dying Whore
  10. Lies, I Don't Know What They Say But...
  11. Underneath Everything
  12. The Seed
  13. Eyes of the South
  14. Jail
  15. Stone the Crow
  16. Bury Me in Smoke
  • Phil Anselmo
  • Pepper Keenan
  • Kirk Windstein
  • Rex Brown
  • Jimmy Bower

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(EP) IV Part I 
2012 independent
  1. Levitation
  2. Witchtripper
  3. Open Coffins
  4. The Curse Is A Lie
  5. This Work Is Timeless
  6. The Misfortune Teller
  • Phil Anselmo
  • Pepper Keenan
  • Kirk Windstein
  • Patrick Bruders
  • Ross Karpelman
  • Jimmy Bower

(EP) IV Part II 
2014 independent
  1. Steeple
  2. We Knew Him Well
  3. Hogshead/Dogshead
  4. Conjure
  5. Sufferer's Years
  6. Bacchanalia
  • Phil Anselmo
  • Pepper Keenan
  • Bobby Landgraf
  • Patrick Bruders
  • Jimmy Bower


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