Origin: Sweden

Devil's Whorehouse  

Led by Marduk's Morgan Håkansson, this band started life as Devil's Whorehouse in 2000, initially playing Misfits and Samhain covers before performing original material, releasing two albums and two EPs under that name. They changed name to Death Wolf, and released a self-titled album under that name in 2011. Reviewed here is the first album, 2003's Revelation Unorthodox, and their early influences are quite apparent. Then-vocalist Zwedda is a poor man's Glenn Danzig, with a very similar voice and style, while the music often is reminiscent of Danzig with occasional forays into black metal ("Swallow Your Soul") as well as punkier moments which again bring up the Misfits comparisons. Apparently some Danzig similarities remain on their new material.

Current Members

Maelstrom (Valentin Mellström)


Makko (Marcus Bäckbrant)


Morgan Håkansson

bass (ex-Abruptum, Marduk)

Hrafn (Mikael Karlsson)


Former Members/Guests



B. War (Bogge Svensson)

bass (ex-Marduk)


(EP) The Howling 
  1. The Howling
  2. Blood Nymphoman
  3. Erotikill
  4. We Live Again
  5. Halloween (Misfits Cover)
  6. Black Dream
  7. All Hell Breaks Loose (Misfits Cover)
  8. Moribound

Revelation Unorthodox 
  1. Death From Beyond
  2. Swallow Your Soul
  3. Howling
  4. The Raven
  5. Bondage Goddess
  6. Revelation Unorthodox
  7. Funeral Dream
  8. Pentagram Murderer
  9. Blood Angels Recital
  10. Erotikill
  11. Blood Nymphoman
  12. Deathwish
  13. We Live Again
  • Zwedda
  • B. War
  • Morgan Håkansson
  • Hrafn

(EP) Werewolf 
  1. Werewolf
  2. Mouth of Hell
  3. Pentagram Murderer
  • Maelstrom
  • Makko
  • Morgan Håkansson
  • Hrafn

Blood & Ashes 
2009 Regain
  1. Oceans Turn To Blood
  2. Wicked One
  3. Speak The Name Of The Dead
  4. The Cult Of Death
  5. Werewolf
  6. Demons Of The Flesh/Tight White Ropes
  7. Shadows Never Change
  8. Smell Of The Ancient Ones
  9. Face The Master
  10. Werewolf Nation
  11. Snakes Out The Mouth Of Hell
  • Maelstrom
  • Makko
  • Morgan Håkansson
  • Hrafn

Reviews:   Teeth Of The Divine 

Death Wolf 
2011 Regain
  1. Circle of Abomination
  2. Weaving Death
  3. The Other Hell
  4. Morning Czar Shineth
  5. Ironwood
  6. Sword and Flame
  7. Wolfs Pallid Sister
  8. Ramsvart
  9. Unto Dying Eyes
  10. Black Mark
  11. Coming Forth by Night
  12. Dawn of Flesh
  • Maelstrom
  • Makko
  • Morgan Håkansson
  • Hrafn

II: Black Armoured Death 
2013 Century Media
  1. Noche De Brujas
  2. World Serpent
  3. Lord Of Putrefaction
  4. Darkness Of Hel
  5. Sudden Bloodletter
  6. Malice Striker
  7. Night Stalker
  8. Luciferian Blood Covenant
  9. Black Armoured Death
  10. Death Wolf March
  11. Little Black Angel
  12. Snake Mountain
  13. Rothenburg
  • Maelstrom
  • Makko
  • Morgan Håkansson
  • Hrafn


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