Origin: Memphis, TN, USA
Genres: Death Metal
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Epoch Of Unlight  

Another band on the rising The End record label, Epoch Of Unlight plays a complex black/death metal mixture, fusing a bit of the Gothenburg melodic death metal feel with a very high degree of technical musicianship, particularly a dizzying drum performance by Tino Losicco. Though there are times where their flashy playing gets in the way of the song at hand, this is a talented bunch with great potential. The two albums do not differ greatly from each other, though the first album is a bit more black and a bit more frenetic, while the second has the greater Gothenburg style and is slightly more controlled. A bit more control is needed here, but there's definitely a future for these guys. On a trivial note, this is one of the very few (if any) bands where a member was replaced by his own brother!

After a four-year absence from the recording scene, the band returned in 2005 with a new album, The Continuum Hypothesis.

Current Members

B.J. Cook


Joe Totty


Tino LoSicco

drums (ex-Subterranean Masquerade)

Former Members/Guests

Jason Smith


Randy Robertson


Josh Braddock (guest)


Pierce Totty



(EP) Within The Night ... 
1995 Last World
  1. Of Feral Eyes
  2. Winter's Seed
  3. Denubrum
  4. Immortal Crucify
  • Jason Smith
  • Randy Robertson
  • Pierce Totty
  • Tino LoSicco

What Will Be Has Been 
1998 The End
  1. Ad Infinitum
  2. Undone Within
  3. Silver Mistress
  4. Burning As One
  5. ... What Will Be Has Been
  6. Crimson Might (And Glory)
  7. (From Northern Aeries To) The Infinite Cycle Of The Unborn Lord
  8. The Day The Light Hath Died
  9. Conflagration Of Hate
  10. Immortal Crucify
  • Jason Smith
  • Randy Robertson
  • Pierce Totty
  • Tino LoSicco

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Caught In The Unlight 
2001 The End
  1. At The Threshold Of Might
  2. The Ethereal Taint
  3. Crimson And Steel
  4. In The Absence Of Light
  5. The Last To Fall
  6. Ululant Cries
  7. Return To Eidolon
  8. The Hounds Of Tindalos
  9. Aegri Somnia Vana
  10. Caught In The Unlight
  • Jason Smith
  • Joe Totty
  • Tino LoSicco

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The Continuum Hypothesis 
2005 The End
  1. The Continuum Hypothesis
  2. Under Starside Skies
  3. Argentum Era Secui Duos
  4. Cardinality
  5. Highgate
  6. The End of All
  7. Broken Pendulum
  8. Aberrant Shadows
  9. Quicksilver to Ash
  10. Denubrum
  11. The Scarlet Thread
  • B.J. Cook
  • Josh Braddock
  • Joe Totty
  • Tino LoSicco

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