Origin: Pudasjärvi, Finland
Genres: Gothic Metal
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Eternal Tears Of Sorrow  

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow formed in the early nineties, with their early material being more in the death metal camp before expanding their style to move closer to gothic metal, or perhaps melodic death metal (but not the typical Swedish version of melodic death). A breakup was announced in January 2003, but two years later they announced their return, and have carried on since.

Current Members

Altti Veteläinen

vocals/bass (For My Pain ..., ex-Kalmah)

Jarmo Kylmänen


Jarmo Puolakanaho


Mika Lammassaari

guitars (Wolfheart)

Janne Tolsa

keyboards (Tarot, )

Juho Raappana


Former Members/Guests

Olli-Pekka Törrö

guitars/keyboards (For My Pain ...)

Antti Talala


Antti Kokko

guitars (Kalmah)

Risto Ruuth


Pasi Hiltula

keyboards (ex-Burning Point, ex-Kalmah)

Petri Sankala

drums (For My Pain ..., ex-Kalmah)


Sinner's Serenade 
1997 X-Treme
  1. Dawn
  2. Another One Falls Asleep
  3. The Law of the Flames
  4. Dirge
  5. Into the Deepest Waters
  6. Sinner's Serenade
  7. My God, The Evil Wind
  8. March
  9. Bard's Burial
  10. The Son of the Forest
  11. Empty Eyes
  • Altti Veteläinen
  • Jarmo Puolakanaho
  • Olli-Pekka Törrö

Vilda Mannu 
1998 Spinefarm
  1. Northern Doom
  2. Burning Flames' Embrace
  3. Goashem
  4. Scars of Wisdom
  5. Nightwind's Lullaby
  6. Raven (In Your Eyes)
  7. Vilda Mánnu
  8. Coronach
  9. Nodde Rahgam
  10. Seita
  • Altti Veteläinen
  • Jarmo Puolakanaho
  • Olli-Pekka Törrö

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Chaotic Beauty 
2000 Spinefarm
  1. Shattered Soul
  2. Blood of Faith Stains My Hands
  3. Autumn's Grief
  4. The Seventh Eclipse
  5. Bride of the Crimson Sea
  6. Black Tears
  7. Tar of Chaos
  8. Bhéan Sidhe
  9. Nocturnal Strains
  10. The Flight of Icarus (bonus track)
  11. Coronach (bonus track)
  12. Nightwind's Lullaby (bonus track)
  13. Burning Flames' Embrace (bonus track)
  • Altti Veteläinen
  • Jarmo Puolakanaho
  • Antti Talala
  • Pasi Hiltula
  • Petri Sankala

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A Virgin And A Whore 
2001 Spinefarm
  1. Aurora Borealis
  2. Heart of Wilderness
  3. Prophetian
  4. Fall of Man
  5. The River Flows Frozen
  6. The Last One For Life
  7. Sick, Dirty and Mean
  8. Blood of Hatred
  9. Aeon
  10. As I Die (Japanese bonus track)
  11. The River Flows Frozen (acoustic) (Japanese bonus track)
  • Altti Veteläinen
  • Jarmo Puolakanaho
  • Antti Kokko
  • Pasi Hiltula
  • Petri Sankala

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Before The Bleeding Sun 
2006 Spinefarm
  1. Sweet Lilith of My Dreams
  2. Another Me
  3. Red Dawn Rising
  4. Upon the Moors
  5. Sakura No Rei
  6. Sinister Rain
  7. Lost Rune of Thunder
  8. Tar Still Flows
  9. Angelheart, Ravenheart (Act I: Before the Bleeding Sun)
  • Altti Veteläinen
  • Jarmo Puolakanaho
  • Risto Ruuth
  • Janne Tolsa
  • Petri Sankala

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Children Of The Dark Waters 
2009 Spinefarm
  1. Children of the Dark Waters (Act II)
  2. Baptized by the Blood of Angels
  3. Tears of Autumn Rain
  4. Summon the Wild
  5. Sea of Whispers
  6. Midnight Bird
  7. Diary of Demonic Dreams
  8. When the Darkest Night Falls
  9. Nocturne Thule
  • Altti Veteläinen
  • Jarmo Kylmänen
  • Jarmo Puolakanaho
  • Risto Ruuth
  • Janne Tolsa
  • Juho Raappana

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Saivon Lapsi 
2013 Massacre
  1. Saivo
  2. Dark Alliance
  3. Legion Of Beast
  4. Kuura
  5. Dance Of December
  6. The Day
  7. Sound Of Silence
  8. Beneath The Frozen Leaves
  9. Swan Saivo
  10. Blood Stained Sea
  11. Angelheart, Ravenheart (Act III: Saivon Lapsi)
  • Altti Veteläinen
  • Jarmo Kylmänen
  • Jarmo Puolakanaho
  • Mika Lammassaari
  • Janne Tolsa
  • Juho Raappana

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