Origin: Haugesund, Norway
Genres: Viking Metal
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Formed in 1993 and taking its name from Norse mythology, Einherjer strives to marry the folklore and spirit of Viking traditions with harsh metal, and in doing so has become one of the leading forces in Viking metal, a select group that also includes bands such Thyrfing, Moonsorrow, and (once upon a time) Enslaved and Mithotyn. Einherjer doesn't sound directly like any of these bands, though there are similarities to be found. Like the aforementioned bands, Einherjer's style is musically based vaguely in the black metal camp (especially in the vocal department), while the music is somewhat more traditionally metallic enhanced with a rollicking sound that is the Viking trademark. Of the two albums reviewed here (Dragons Of The North and Odin Owns Ye All), Dragons is the preferred album, though their more recent Norwegian Native Art received excellent reviews as well. The band (at the time a trio) decided to call it a day in February 2004, feeling they had accomplished what they wanted and wishing to pursue other interests. A few years later, the trio hooked up with two other guys creating Battered, releasing an album in 2006, and in 2008 the same same three guys decided to resurrect Einherjer, eventually releasing a comeback album in 2014.

Current Members

Frode Glesnes

guitars/vocals (Battered)

Aksel Herløe

guitars (Battered)

Gerhard Storesund

drums (Battered)

Former Members/Guests

Rune Bjelland


Ragnar Vikse


Audun Wold


Stein Sund

bass (Thundra)

Erik Elden



(EP) Aurora Borealis 
1994 Necropolis
  1. De Sorte Sjøers Land
  2. Aurora Borealis
  3. Witchking
  4. Einherjre
  • Rune Bjelland
  • Frode Glesnes
  • Audun Wold
  • Gerhard Storesund

(EP) Leve Vikingånden 
1995 Necromantic
  1. Når Hammeren Heves
  2. Når Aftensolen Rinner
  • Rune Bjelland
  • Frode Glesnes
  • Audun Wold
  • Gerhard Storesund

Dragons Of The North 
1996 Napalm
  1. Dragons of the North
  2. Dreamstorm
  3. Forever Empire
  4. Conquerer
  5. Fimbul Winter
  6. Storms of the Elder
  7. Slaget ved Hafrsfjord
  8. Ballad of the Swords
  • Rune Bjelland
  • Frode Glesnes
  • Audun Wold
  • Stein Sund
  • Gerhard Storesund

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(EP) Far Far North 
1997 Century Media
  1. Far Far North
  2. Naar Hammeren Heves
  3. Naar Aftensolen Rinner
  • Rune Bjelland
  • Frode Glesnes
  • Audun Wold
  • Stein Sund
  • Gerhard Storesund

Odin Owns Ye All 
1998 Century Media
  1. Leve Vikingeaanden
  2. Out of Ginnungagap
  3. Clash of the Elder
  4. Odin Owns Ye All
  5. Remember Tokk
  6. Home
  7. The Pathfinder & the Prophetess
  8. Inferno
  9. A New Earth
  • Ragnar Vikse
  • Frode Glesnes
  • Erik Elden
  • Gerhard Storesund

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Norwegian Native Art 
2000 Native North
  1. Wyrd of the Dead
  2. Doomfaring
  3. Hugin's Eyes
  4. Burning Yggdrasil
  5. Crimson Rain
  6. Howl Ravens Come
  7. Draconian Umpire
  8. Regicide
  • Ragnar Vikse
  • Frode Glesnes
  • Aksel Herløe
  • Stein Sund
  • Gerhard Storesund

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2003 Tabu
  1. Einherjermarsjen
  2. Ironbound
  3. Dead Knight's Rite
  4. Wolf-Age
  5. The Eternally Damned
  6. Ware Her Venom
  7. Hammar Haus
  8. Starkad
  9. Ride the Gallows
  10. Ingen Grid
  11. Berserkergang
  12. Venomtongue
  • Frode Glesnes
  • Aksel Herløe
  • Gerhard Storesund

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2011 Indie
  1. Norrøn Kraft
  2. Naglfar
  3. Alu Alu Laukar
  4. Varden Brenne
  5. Malmting
  6. Balladen Om Bifrost

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Af Oss, For Oss 
2014 Indie
  1. Fremad
  2. Hammer i kors
  3. Nidstong
  4. Hedensk oppstandelse
  5. Nord og Ner
  6. Nornene
  7. Trelldom
  8. Av oss, for oss
  9. Blodsbånd


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