Origin: Denmark
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Evil Masquerade  

Denmark has produced more than its fair share of quality metal bands, and here we have another in Evil Masquerade. At its core, this is a prototypical European metal band, not quite power metal, not quite neoclassical, and not quite symphonic, though there's a little bit of all three styles here. The album reviewed here is number two, Theatrical Madness, and it's a fitting title, as there's a fair bit of Queen-ish histrionics and general adventurous mixed in -- kudos to the band to at least write songs that stand out on their own. The lineup has changed several times over the course of twelve-odd years and five albums, with several ties to other well-known Scandinavian bands.

Current Members

Nicklas Sonne


Henrik Flyman


Thor Jeppesen

bass (ex-Sinphonia)

Artur Meinild


Dennis Buhl

drums (ex-Hatesphere, Sinphonia)

Former Members/Guests

Henrik Brockmann

vocals (ex-Royal Hunt)

Apollo Papathanasio

vocals (ex-Firewind, Meduza, Spiritual Beggars)

Tobias Jansson

vocals (ex-Angel Blake, Diabolical)

Kasper Gram


Johan Niemann

bass (Demonoid, Evergrey, ex-Therion)

Tony Carey

keyboards (ex-Rainbow, Zed Yago)

Daniel Flores

drums (ex-Secret Sphere)


Welcome To The Show 
2004 Frontiers
  1. Intro (Ride Of The Vakyries / Grand Opening)
  2. Welcome To The Show
  3. The Wind Will Rise
  4. Oh Harlequin
  5. Surprises In The Dark
  6. But You Were Smiling...
  7. Children Of The Light
  8. Lucy The Evil
  9. Badinerie
  10. Deliver Us
  11. Evil Masquerade
  • Henrik Brockmann
  • Henrik Flyman
  • Kasper Gram
  • Dennis Buhl

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Theatrical Madness 
  1. When Satan Calls
  2. Theatrical Madness
  3. Bozo the Clown
  4. Now When Our Stars Are Fading
  5. A Great Day to Die
  6. The Demolition Army
  7. Snow White
  8. Witches Chant
  9. Other Ways to Babylon
  10. The Dark Play
  11. Outro
  • Henrik Brockmann
  • Henrik Flyman
  • Kasper Gram
  • Dennis Buhl

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Third Act 
2006 Marquee
  1. The Devil's Last Temptation
  2. Third Act
  3. Black Ravens Cry
  4. Descended from the Grave
  5. Far Away
  6. The Dark Minstrel Plays
  7. I'll Make You Burn
  8. Under the Surface of Water
  9. Orchestration for More Than One Horn
  10. Bring on the World
  11. The Final Goodbye
  • Apollo Papathanasio
  • Henrik Flyman
  • Thor Jeppesen
  • Dennis Buhl

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Fade To Black 
2009 Escape
  1. Lights Out
  2. In a Dungeon Close to Hell
  3. The Darkness Within
  4. Hollow Soul
  5. Different Shades of Black
  6. Powertools
  7. The Ultimate Game
  8. Desire and Pain
  9. Diamond Dust
  10. I Believe in Sin
  • Apollo Papathanasio
  • Henrik Flyman
  • Johan Niemann
  • Tony Carey
  • Daniel Flores

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  1. Pentagram
  2. A Silhouette
  3. Perfect Disgrace
  4. The Spirits of the Dead
  5. Moonlight Fantasy
  6. Unholy Water
  7. Pray For Mercy On Our Souls
  8. Soul Taker
  9. On a Bed of Thorns
  10. Strangers Might Fool Ya'
  11. When the Fire Dies
  12. The Golden Ratio
  • Apollo Papathanasio
  • Henrik Flyman
  • Thor Jeppesen
  • Artur Meinild
  • Dennis Buhl

The Digital Crucifix 
  1. Like Voodoo
  2. Buying Salvation
  3. The Extra Mile
  4. The Shame
  5. The Nature Is Calling
  6. Bad News
  7. The Hangover
  8. Anywhere the Wind Blows
  9. Lady of the Night
  10. Gasoline & Ice-Cold Gin
  11. Sign of the Times
  • Tobias Jansson
  • Henrik Flyman
  • Thor Jeppesen
  • Artur Meinild
  • Dennis Buhl

10 Years In The Dark  COMPILATION
2014 independent
  1. The Wind Will Rise (2004)
  2. Like Voodoo (2014)
  3. Lights Out (2008)
  4. Far Away (2006)
  5. But You Were Smiling... (2004)
  6. Hollow Soul (2008)
  7. A Silhouette (2012)
  8. Bozo the Clown (2005)
  9. Black Ravens Cry (2006)
  10. The Nature is Calling (2014)

The Outcast Hall Of Fame 
  • Henrik Flyman
  • Thor Jeppesen
  • Artur Meinild
  • Dennis Buhl


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