Origin: USA
Genres: Progressive Metal


Hailing from New England and once known as Mystic Fishook, Event's Human Condition is a startling and original twist on the often-stale genre of progressive metal. As the band met at the famous Berklee College, one might expect top-notch musicianship, and that's exactly what one gets here, and yet there is no pointless showoffing to be found. The interesting part about Event is their quite non-conventional approach to songwriting. At every corner there are unique twists and turns, the sum total being an eclectic, avant-garde collection of highly intriguing songs. The programming (various samples and sound effects) do not get in the way of the music, but conversely they are an integral part of the overall sound. Clear, mid-range vocals (sometime harmonized, similar perhaps to Atomic Opera) complement the music perfectly. Human Condition is one of the most original albums to come out in quite some time. This band may not be for everyone, as their odd style might be offputting to some, but nevertheless this is a highly recommended band.

Current Members

Dave DeLugo


Shaun Michaud

guitars/programming/backing vocals

Jay Rigney

bass (Holyhell)

Matt Scurfield



Electric Skies 
1998 Rising Sun
  1. Perfect Illusion
  2. Weatherman
  3. Tall bizarre
  4. Muddy water
  5. Tundra
  6. Walk on
  7. Aimless
  8. The anger
  9. Full of stars
  10. Electric skies
  • Dave DeLugo
  • Shaun Michaud
  • Jay Rigney
  • Matt Scurfield

Human Condition 
2001 Inside Out
  1. Drug of choice
  2. New chemicals
  3. Blind
  4. The director
  5. Faces
  6. Twisted game
  7. Insensitive
  8. Human condition
  9. Coincidental existence
  10. Stop complaining
  11. Indecision
  • Dave DeLugo
  • Shaun Michaud
  • Jay Rigney
  • Matt Scurfield

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Scratching At The Surface 
2003 Inside Out
  1. Make Your Way
  2. Under My Skin
  3. Someone
  4. One Simple Fall
  5. Live Life Love Breed
  6. Scratching at the Surface
  7. Won't Come Loose
  8. Siren
  9. Into the Fray
  10. All Too Real
  11. It Makes Me...Me
  12. Pleasure in the Pain
  13. Too Much
  • Dave DeLugo
  • Shaun Michaud
  • Jay Rigney
  • Matt Scurfield

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