Origin: Huddersfield, England
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Retro thrash is indeed alive and well in the new millennium, and here we have England's entry in the field, Evile, who actually debuted with an EP in 2004 before signing to Earache for their 2007 full-length album, Enter The Grave. Evile went straight to the source for inspiration, as their sound borrows from the masters such as Exodus and Metallica in their heyday, but most of all Slayer, especially given Matt Drake's Araya-inspired vocals. Unlike some of the other new retro-thrash albums, Enter The Grave benefits from a sterling production courtesy of Flemming Rasmussen, who produced Metallica back in their thrash days. Sure, this isn't the most original band out there, but they've done well by being at the forefront of the recent thrash revival.

Current Members

Matt Drake

vocals/rhythm guitar

Piers Donno Fuller


Joel Graham

bass (ex-Devolved)

Ben Carter


Former Members/Guests

Ol Drake

lead guitar

Mike Alexander

bass RIP: October 5, 2009


(EP) All Hallows Eve 
2004 self-released
  1. Killer From The Deep
  2. Dawn Of Destruction
  3. Prophecy
  4. The Living Dead
  5. All Hallows Eve
  6. Torment
  • Matt Drake
  • Ol Drake
  • Mike Alexander
  • Ben Carter

Enter The Grave 
2007 Earache
  1. Enter the Grave
  2. Thrasher
  3. First Blood
  4. Man Against Machine
  5. Burned Alive
  6. Killer from the Deep
  7. We Who Are About to Die
  8. Schizophrenia
  9. Bathe in Blood
  10. Armoured Assault
  • Matt Drake
  • Ol Drake
  • Mike Alexander
  • Ben Carter

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Infected Nations 
2009 Earache
  1. Infected Nation
  2. Now Demolition
  3. Nosophoros
  4. Genocide
  5. Plague To End All Plagues
  6. Devoid Of Thought
  7. Time No More
  8. Metamorphosis
  9. Hundred Wrathful Deities
  • Matt Drake
  • Ol Drake
  • Mike Alexander
  • Ben Carter

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Five Serpents' Teeth 
2011 Earache
  1. Five Serpents' Teeth
  2. In Dreams of Terror
  3. Cult
  4. Eternal Empire
  5. Xaraya
  6. Origin of Oblivion
  7. Centurion
  8. In Memoriam
  9. Descent Into Madness
  10. Long Live New Flesh
  • Matt Drake
  • Ol Drake
  • Joel Graham
  • Ben Carter
2011 BNR Top Ten album

2013 Earache
  1. Underworld
  2. Skull
  3. The Naked Sun
  4. Head of the Demon
  5. Tomb
  6. Words of the Dead
  7. Outsider
  8. What You Become
  9. New Truths Old Lies
  • Matt Drake
  • Ol Drake
  • Joel Graham
  • Ben Carter

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