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Ewigkeit (German for "eternity") was the project of one James Fogarty, founded in the mid-nineties when he was still a teenager. After a couple of albums, he put aside the project and went on to co-found the oddball act The Meads Of Asphodel, where he lasted for a few albums before deciding he'd rather go back to doing his own thing, thus continuing Ewigkeit. Though pinpointing this band's style is not easy, Meads Of Asphodel is at least a starting point, as both bands have pursued a rather left-field take on metal and there are parts of Ewigkeit's music that does bring MOA to mind. This is one of those bands destined for cult status, as it was clear Fogarty wanted to walk his own musical path, but there are many moments worth listening to, and in particular 2004's outstanding Radio Ixtlan (the BNR choice for best album) is recommended listening for those looking for something a bit different. Fogarty initially ended Ewigkeit in March 2007, stating at the time that he had had enough of metal and wished to pursue a different musical career. He later resurrected his Meads stage name in a new band, Jaldaboath, but brought back this project in 2013 with a new album, and as of 2015 is listed as a member of In The Woods ....

Current Members

Mr. Fog (James Fogarty)

vocals/all instruments (In The Woods ..., Jaldaboath, ex-The Meads Of Asphodel)


Battle Furies 
  1. Jewel Of my Empire
  2. Wonder Of the Cosmos
  3. Christenom Falls
  4. Dragons Burning
  5. Kingdom In the Clouds (My Astral Journey)
  6. Time Reborn
  7. Gods Of Ages Awekened
  8. "O Elbereth"
  9. Keshara Arise
  10. As Shadows Dance
  • Mr. Fog

  1. Point of Origin
  2. Unveiling the Mystery
  3. The Legend of Keshara
  4. The Return Of Planet X
  5. Deviant
  6. Lightspeed Evolution
  7. Starscape
  8. Capsule
  9. Birth of Hours
  10. Space of Symphony
  11. Dragons Burning (Starscape mix)
  • Mr. Fog

Land Of Fog 
2003 Metal Age
  1. Tired Face
  2. Super-Sonic Blue Thunder
  3. Not All There
  4. The Only Way
  5. Interlude
  6. Land Of Fog
  7. Yesterdays Rain
  8. The Doomsday Machine
  9. Escapologies
  • Mr. Fog

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Radio Ixtlan 
2004 Earache
  1. About Time
  2. Esc.
  3. PowerPlant
  4. Journey to Ixtlan
  5. Live at Palenque
  6. Conquer the Fear
  7. Platonic Verses
  8. Strange Volk
  9. The New Way
  • Mr. Fog

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2005 Earache
  1. Intro - The Hypothesis
  2. It's Not Reality
  3. Square Sunrise
  4. The Nightmare Institution
  5. Far Away From Heaven
  6. Transcend the Senses
  7. The Thought Police
  8. How to conquer The World (Live At Bohemian Grove)
  9. Theoreality
  10. Conspiritus
  • Mr. Fog

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(EP) Return To The Land Of Fog 
  1. Land of Fog
  2. Tired Face
  3. Super-Sonic Blue Thunder
  • Mr. Fog

Lost Yet Not Forgotten 
  1. - Untitled -
  2. Sheol is Rising
  3. The River / The Enchantment
  4. The Valour of Angels
  5. A Dark Journey
  6. O Elbereth
  7. Visions
  8. Starscape
  9. Unveiling the Mystery
  10. - Untitled Instrumental -
  11. The Only Way
  12. The Doomsday Machine
  13. Oxygene IV
  14. - Untitled Instrumental -
  • Mr. Fog

Back To Beyond 
  1. Back to Beyond
  2. Astral Projection
  3. Point of No Return
  4. Time Storm
  5. The Soul Sustains
  6. Starscape (2013)
  7. ISON - Beyond the Oort Cloud
  8. Det Som Engang Var (Burzum cover inna reggae dub style)
  • Mr. Fog

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Cosmic Man 
2017 Svart
  1. Quantum Eraser
  2. Cold Souls
  3. Death Is the Portal
  4. Neon Ghoul RIde
  5. Space Horse
  6. Running Away from the Circus
  7. Thief in the Sky
  8. Time Travelling Medicine Man
  9. Back to Beyond
  10. Two Minutes to Midnight (Iron Maiden cover)
  • Mr. Fog


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