Origin: Ottawa, ON, Canada
Genres: Thrash Metal
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In their heyday in the mid-eighties, Exciter rivaled bands like Anthrax and fellow Canadians Anvil for power/thrash metal superiority, with 1984's Violence And Force regarded as a speed metal classic by many. As the years passed, however, their popularity declined, amidst several lineup changes and their decision to stick to a style that was no longer in vogue. By around 1988 the band was at a low, with only drummer/vocalist Dan Beehler remained from the old days, and little was heard from them for some time. Original guitarist John Ricci then returned, and after a couple of lower-profile albums, Beehler left, and Ricci led a new version of the band that recorded several albums between 1997 and 2010. Beehler later started up his own band, simply called Beehler, recruited original Exciter bassist Allan Johnson, and released an album in 2011. Finally in 2014 everything came back to square one, as Ricci, Beehler and Johnson reformed the original lineup.

Current Members

Dan Beehler

drums/vocals (Beehler)

John Ricci

guitars (ex-White Zombie)

Allan James Johnson


Former Members/Guests

Rob Malnati


Jacques Belanger


Kenny Winter


Brian McPhee


David Ledden


Jeff McDonnald


Marc Charron


Rob "Clammy" Cohen


Rik Charron



Heavy Metal Maniac 
1983 Shrapnel
  1. The Holocaust
  2. Stand up and Fight
  3. Heavy Metal Maniac
  4. Iron Dogs
  5. Mistress of Evil
  6. Under Attack
  7. Rising of the Dead
  8. Blackwitch
  9. Cry of the Banshee
  • Dan Beehler
  • John Ricci
  • Allan James Johnson

Violence And Force 
1984 Megaforce

  1. Oblivion
  2. Violence & Force
  3. Scream in the Night
  4. Pounding Metal
  5. Evil Sinner
  6. Destructor
  7. Swords of Darkness
  8. Delivering to the Master
  9. Saxons of the Fire
  10. War is Hell
  • Dan Beehler
  • John Ricci
  • Allan James Johnson

Long Live The Loud 
1985 Music For Nations
  1. Fall Out
  2. Long Live the Loud
  3. I am the Beast
  4. Victims of Sacrifice
  5. Beyond the Gates of Doom
  6. Sudden Impact
  7. Born to Die
  8. Wake up Screaming

  • Dan Beehler
  • John Ricci
  • Allan James Johnson

Unveiling The Wicked 
1986 Music For Nations
  1. Break Down the Walls
  2. Brainstorm
  3. Die in the Night
  4. (I Hate) School Rules
  5. Shout It Out
  6. Invasion/Waiting in the Dark
  7. Living Evil
  8. Live Fast, Die Young
  9. Mission Destroy

  • Dan Beehler
  • Brian McPhee
  • Allan James Johnson

1988 Maze Music
  1. Scream Bloody Murder
  2. Back in the Light
  3. Ready to Rock
  4. O.T.T.
  5. I Wanna Be King
  6. Enemy Lines
  7. Dying to Live
  8. Playin' with Fire
  9. Eyes in the Sky

  • Dan Beehler
  • Rob Malnati
  • Brian McPhee
  • Allan James Johnson

Kill After Kill 
1992 Noise
  1. Rain of Terror
  2. No Life No Future
  3. Cold Blooded Murder
  4. Smashin 'em Down
  5. Shadow of the Cross
  6. Dog Eat Dog
  7. Anger, Hate and Destruction
  8. The Second Coming
  9. Born to Kill (live)*
  • Dan Beehler
  • John Ricci
  • David Ledden

Better Live Than Dead  LIVE
1993 Music For Nations
  1. Stand Up and Fight
  2. Heavy Metal Maniac
  3. Victims of Sacrifice
  4. Under Attack
  5. Sudden Impact
  6. Delivering to the Master
  7. I Am the Beast
  8. Blackwitch
  9. Long Live the Loud
  10. Rising of the Dead
  11. Cry of the Banshee
  12. Pounding Metal
  13. Violence & Force
  • Dan Beehler
  • John Ricci
  • Jeff McDonnald

The Dark Command 
1997 Osmose
  1. The Dark Command
  2. Burn at the Stake
  3. Aggressor
  4. Assassins in Rage
  5. Ritual Death
  6. Sacred War
  7. Let Us Prey
  8. Executioner
  9. Suicide Overdose
  10. Screams from the Gallows
  • Jacques Belanger
  • John Ricci
  • Marc Charron
  • Rik Charron

Blood Of Tyrants 
1999 Osmose
  1. Metal Crusaders
  2. Rule with an Iron fist
  3. Intruders
  4. Predator
  5. Martial Law
  6. War Cry
  7. Brutal Warning
  8. Weapons of Mass Destruction
  9. Blood of Tyrants
  10. Violator
  • Jacques Belanger
  • John Ricci
  • Marc Charron
  • Rik Charron

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New Testament - Coven Of Re-Recorded Classics 
2004 Osmose
  1. Rising of the Dead
  2. Violence and Force
  3. Rule with An Iron Fist
  4. Rain of Terror
  5. Brutal Warning
  6. Victims of Sacrifice
  7. The Dark Command
  8. I Am the Beast
  9. Pounding Metal
  10. Stand Up and Fight
  11. Heavy Metal Maniac
  12. Black Witch
  13. Burn at the Stake
  14. Long Live the Loud
  15. Ritual Death
  • Jacques Belanger
  • John Ricci
  • Rik Charron

Thrash Speed Burn 
2008 Massacre
  1. Thrash Speed Burn
  2. Demon's Gate
  3. Evil Omen
  4. Hangman
  5. In Mortal Fear
  6. Crucifixion
  7. Betrayal
  8. The Punisher
  9. Massacre Mountain
  10. Rot The Devil King
  • Kenny Winter
  • John Ricci
  • Rob "Clammy" Cohen
  • Rik Charron

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Death Machine 
2010 Massacre
  1. Death Machine
  2. Slaughtered in Vain
  3. Skull Breaker
  4. Power and Domination
  5. Razor in Your Back
  6. Pray for Pain
  7. Demented Prisoners
  8. HellFire
  9. Dungeon Descendants
  10. Guitar Solo
  • Kenny Winter
  • John Ricci
  • Rob "Clammy" Cohen
  • Rik Charron

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