Origin: Netherlands
Genres: Hard Rock


The Band dates back into the end of the seventies. Originally a 3 piece band playing instrumental rock in the style of bands like Rush.I n 1980 Michael Siethoff formed a new band with drummer Berend Houter and basplayer Peter Buys. They soon did their first local gigs which were a big success both by the audience and press. Playing as a support-act with Teaser ( later Vandenberg ) and Powerplay.In 1982 Peter Buys left the band and was replaced by Adri Sleyster in 1984 a vocalist was asked to join the band which was becoming more successful a the time. His name was Frank Leurs. He also played occasional Synths. With him and new Bassplayer Adri they recorded their first demo in May 1984 Michael recorded and mixed the demo on his 4-track Teac machine The song Old Man has a history on it's own. It is one of the oldest songs which has been transformed a thousand times before the final version ( Meltdown Sector 6 ) appeared on the second album RETERNITY in 1996! The Demo was reviewed by the "AARDSCHOK" rock magazine and got a great review. This got the spirits up so they decided to record another demo in the well know " Stable Sound Studio" from Roel Toering Who had done every Major band in holland at that time. This was in 1985. Roel was sick as hell when he recorded it. In the three days the monitor installation got screwed also. Vocalist Bert Heerink from VANDENBERG did the backing vocals on - Stay with me - Reviews by "AARDSCHOK" and "MUSIC MAKER" were great! It got them in the TOP 10 of best demo's of the year in the MUSIC MAKER magazine. It also got them airplay with "COUNTDOWN CAFE" produced by Kees Baars and the late but still great Alfred Lagarde ( BIG AL ).Who was a BIG FAN of the band. This interview got them their fist record deal with MEGATON RECORDS who had bands like LOUDNESS and STRYPER.In april/may 1986 they recorded their first album simply called EXISES in the well known STUDIO 150 in Amsterdam. The same Studio who did recordings with DEF LEPPARD. Produced by John Tilly **** SONGS ***** - Fear for the Night - - Misunderstood - - Some sort of Freedom - - Behind the WAll - - Burn the Lights - - Stay with Me - - Brainstorm - - Carry On - ******************** This album was the first rock CD ever released in holland. Mentioned in the HARD-ROCK enceclopedia.The album was released in Europe and the U.S.A. on the MEDUSA label. An Extensive tour followed beginning at the PARADISO venue in Amsterdam. Later in 1987 they did live recordings on the radio show LOS VAST and COUNTDOWN CAFE where they met QUEENSREICHE and SAXON on the same show. A tour was planned with QUEENSREICHE but due to lack of funds of MEGATON RECORDS this didn't happen unfortunately. As of that moment things got worse as their manager was unable to cope with the situation and left. EXISES decided that it was time to quit their liaison with MEGATON RECORDS before it got out of hand.A period of eight years followed. Coping with illness of guitarplayer MICHAEL SIETHOFF and the departure of vocalist Frank Leurs. He was replaced with Co Timmer. After keyboard player Rene Schaap joined the band The music became much more technical as of then. Managers came and went but it didn't work out. In 1988 Michael decided to build their own STUDIO and started working on the RETERNITY album. A Space concept album. Produced by Michael Siethoff ********** SONGS ********** - Point of no Return (part I) - - Meltdown Sector 6 - - Sole Survivor - - S.P.Y - - Realm of Darkness - - The Transformation - - Fatal Miscount - - Action Reset - - Coming Man - - Space Odyssey - - (the voyage) - (point of no return part II) ***************************** Due to contract problems they had to wait five years to release the second album. Because of the change of the music scene, dead metal becoming very popular it became a problem to release RETERNITY which was a form of prog space metal. So it wasn't until october 1996 that RETERNITY was released in Europe and Japan.

Current Members

Co Timmer


Michael Siethoff


Adri Sleyster


Rene Schaap


Berend Houter


Former Members/Guests

Frank Leurs



1986 Megaton
  1. Fear for the Night
  2. Misunderstood
  3. Some Sort of Freedom
  4. Behind the Wall
  5. Burn the Lights
  6. Stay With Me
  7. Brainstorm
  8. Carry On
  • Frank Leurs
  • Michael Siethoff
  • Adri Sleyster
  • Berend Houter

1996 Cymbeline
  1. Point of No Return (part 1)
  2. Meltdown Sector 6
  3. Sole Survivor
  4. S*p*y
  5. Realm of Darkness
  6. The Transformation
  7. Fatal Miscount
  8. Aciton Reset
  9. Coming Man
  10. Space Oddysey
  • Co Timmer
  • Michael Siethoff
  • Adri Sleyster
  • Rene Schaap
  • Berend Houter


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