Origin: Norway
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Frantic Bleep  

Frantic Bleep is an odd name for a band, and in the case of this new Norwegian combo, arguably a bit misleading. The word "bleep" might imply something computerized or, in the sense of a musical style, something in the electronica realm, and this band is nowhere near that. And "frantic" implies something hurried or rushed, and that's not the case here either -- this is a band with ideas, and these guys are clearly not in a hurry to get anywhere, instead content to meander and explore various moods. So, given all that, what does Frantic Bleep really sound like? The style here is quite original, kind of a dark progressive metal, mixing a shade of recent Arcturus, a healthy dose of Madder Mortem (to name but two occasional soundalikes), with several non-metallic elements to forge a pretty unique sound. The songs are moody, dark, usually slow-to-midpaced, with Pål Bjørke's gentle, clean vocals a perfect fit. The End Records has a near-perfect track record of signing unique and original metal bands, and Frantic Bleep is a worthy signee.

Since the release of The Sense Apparatus, vocalist/bassist Bjørke has left (he had originally signed on as a studio guest during their pre-album demo, so perhaps this isn't surprising), and other lineup changes have ensued as well. Hopefully the new lineup can continue to excel.

Current Members

Kjetil Foseid


Patrick Scantlebury

guitars/keyboards (Madder Mortem)

Lars Gunnar Morastsæter


Eywin Sundstrøm


Trond Sand


Former Members/Guests

Pål Mozart Bjørke

bass/vocals (ex-Madder Mortem)

Sten Svendheim



The Sense Apparatus 
2005 The End
  1. A Survey
  2. The Expulsion
  3. Sins Of Omission
  4. ... But A Memory
  5. Mausolos
  6. Curtainraiser
  7. Mandaughter
  8. Neboulous Termini
  9. Cone
  • Pål Mozart Bjørke
  • Patrick Scantlebury
  • Eywin Sundstrøm
  • Sten Svendheim

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