Origin: Netherlands
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Goddess Of Desire  

This Dutch band parlayed a sort of Gwar-lite image (including female members whose duties were actually listed as "female effects" (!)) and a dirty, 80's-inspired power/thrash musical style to a successful mid-level career. Originality was never a sellling point, and their lyrics were hardly intellectual, but they were entertaining enough and no doubt their live shows went down a storm. Eventually the band ran their course, disbanding in 2009.

Current Members

Count August


Cape Fear


Lord Arydon (Niels Donninger)

guitars/vocals (ex-Izegrim)





Former Members/Guests

Grev Drake (Bart Eeltink)


Emperor Mark


Knüppelmeister (Maarten Luijsterburg)

drums RIP: October 24, 2006, suicide


Let Us Win This War 
1996 label unknown
  1. Intro (Midnight Overture)
  2. Mistress Of Inferno
  3. War Of The Crusade
  4. Glory In Metal
  5. Goddess Of Desire
  6. The Battleground
  7. Metal To The Metals
  8. Wall Of Terror
  9. (The Perversity Of) Satan's Ugliest
  10. Doomsday Warrior
  • Count August
  • Grev Drake
  • Delilah
  • Lilith
  • Emperor Mark

Symbol Of Triumph 
1998 Metal Blade
  1. Blasphemic Beasts Convoked
  2. Infernal Bestialities
  3. Diabolic Demolition
  4. Ride
  5. Whimps & Bastards
  6. Metal Forever
  7. Worship Me
  8. Brother To Brother
  9. Ruina Regnorum
  10. Live For Metal
  11. Heaven & Hell
  • Count August
  • Grev Drake
  • Delilah
  • Lilith
  • Emperor Mark

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Conquerors Divine 
2002 PervertedTaste
  1. The Eternal War (Intro)
  2. Rites Of War
  3. The Wiccan
  4. Fallen Angel
  5. Bonded By Metal
  6. Seventh Sight
  7. Confusion Of Tongues
  8. Four Fier Warriors Of Satan (Intro)
  9. Warlust Metal Knights
  10. The Line
  11. Release Us
  12. Symbol Of Triumph
  13. Hellish Fire Turned The Souls (Intro)
  14. Conquerors Divine
  • Count August
  • Grev Drake
  • Lord Arydon
  • Delilah
  • Lilith
  • Knüppelmeister

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Awaken Pagan Gods 
2005 Armageddon
  1. Awakening The Gods
  2. March To Meet
  3. Dead End Street
  4. Holy War
  5. Bloodstained Sight
  6. Awaken Pagan Gods
  7. Demolition
  8. Victory Is Mine
  9. Scream For Metal True
  10. Booze
  11. Nothing’s Free
  12. Majesty Of Metal
  • Count August
  • Cape Fear
  • Lord Arydon
  • Delilah
  • Bastard

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