Origin: Indianapolis, IN, USA
Genres: Doom Metal

Gates Of Slumber  

The Gates Of Slumber was one of the Midwest's best doom bands, founded in 1998 and led by guitarist-vocalist Karl Simon. Simon and bassist Jason McCash held steady throughout their 15-year career, with eight albums and three EPs to their credit. This was crushing indie (as well as Indy!) doom, not quite the classic doom style of, say, Candlemass, and not really the sludgier, NOLA-inspired version, but maybe right between the two styles. Simon announced that the band was done in September 2013 following McCash's departure.

Current Members

Karl Simon


Jason McCash


Bob Fouts


Former Members/Guests

Chuck Brown


Chris Gordon


J. Clyde Paradis



The Awakening 
2004 Final Chapter
  1. The Awakening (Interpolating the Wrath of the Undead)
  2. The Judge
  3. The Jury
  4. Broken On The Wheel
  5. The Executioner
  6. Blessed Pathway To The Celestial Kingdom
  7. The Burial
  • Karl Simon
  • Jason McCash
  • Chuck Brown

Like A Plague Upon The Land 
2005 Hellride
  1. Iron Hammer
  2. The Leech
  3. Feast Of The Dead
  4. Ask No More
  5. Stitched Back From Deth
  • Karl Simon
  • Jason McCash
  • Chuck Brown

(EP) God Wills It 
  1. God Wills It
  2. The Cloaked Figure
  3. Stitched Back From Deth
  4. Broken On The Wheel (Live)
  • Karl Simon
  • Jason McCash
  • Bob Fouts

Suffer No Guilt 
2006 I Hate
  1. Angel Of Death
  2. Suffer No Guilt
  3. Gemini
  4. Riders Of Doom
  5. Slay The Weak
  6. Wyrmwood
  7. Dweller In The Deep
  8. Children Of The Night
  9. God Wills It
  10. The Woe Of Kings
  • Karl Simon
  • Jason McCash
  • Chris Gordon

Villian, Villian  COMPILATION
  1. The Awakening
  2. The Judge
  3. The cloaked Figure
  4. War is our Destiny
  5. The Jury
  6. Broken on the Wheel
  7. FATGH
  8. To walk the Night
  9. Iron Hammer
  10. Dweller in the Deep
  11. Feast of the Dead
  12. The War Starter
  13. Angel of Death
  14. Riders of Doom
  15. The Riddle Master
  16. One Mind

2008 I Hate
  1. Trapped in the Web
  2. Conqueror
  3. Ice Worm
  4. Eyes of the Liar
  5. Children of Satan
  6. To Kill and Be King
  7. The Machine
  8. Dark Valley Suite I: Black River I
  9. Dark Valley Suite II: Lines Written With the Knowledge I must Die
  10. Dark Valley Suite III: Call of the Black Gods
  11. Dark Valley Suite IV: Black River II
  • Karl Simon
  • Jason McCash
  • Bob Fouts

(EP) The Ice Worm's Lair 
  1. Ice Worm
  2. Something You Can Never Know
  3. Flight Of Icarus
  4. Egypt (The Chains Are On)
  • Karl Simon
  • Jason McCash
  • Bob Fouts

Chronicles Of True Doom  COMPILATION
2008 Iron Kodex
  1. The Awakening
  2. The Judge
  3. The Jury
  4. Broken on the wheel
  5. The Executioner
  6. Blessed Pathway to the celestial kingdom
  7. The burial
  8. The cloaked figure
  9. The Judge
  10. The Executioner
  11. Iron heart, lead mind
  12. Stitched back from deth
  13. Angel of Death
  14. Suffer no guilt
  15. Gemini
  16. Riders of Doom
  17. Slay the Weak
  18. Wyrmwood
  19. Dweller in the Deep
  20. Children of the night
  21. God wills it
  22. The woe of kings
  23. The Judge
  24. Stitched back from deth
  25. Creature

Hymns Of Blood And Thunder 
2009 Rise Above
  1. Chaos Calling
  2. Death Dealer
  3. Beneath the Eyes of Mars
  4. The Doom of Aceldama
  5. Age of Sorrow
  6. The Bringer of War
  7. Descent Into Madness
  8. Iron Hammer
  9. The Mist in the Mourning
  10. Blood and Thunder
  • Karl Simon
  • Jason McCash
  • Bob Fouts

(EP) The Hyena Sessions 
2010 Rise Above
  • Karl Simon
  • Jason McCash
  • J. Clyde Paradis

The Wretch 
2011 Rise Above
  1. Death March
  2. (Devil's Grip) - Driven Insane
  3. Son Of Hades
  4. Dragon Caravan
  5. Of That Which Can Never Be
  • Karl Simon
  • Jason McCash
  • Bob Fouts

(EP) Stormcrow 
2013 Scion A/V


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