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Ghost seemingly came out of nowhere in 2010 with Opus Eponymous. What we have here is a band playing a kind of 70's influenced, occult-rock-infused metal, with one Papa Emeritus on vocals and with five Nameless Ghouls backing him (as of this writing, the members are still anonymous, though apparently the vocalist has all but been identified). The music, the mystery surrounding the members, the Satanic overtones, they've all help to make Ghost a buzzworthy band. But while the band deservedly has many supporters, there are more than a few detractors out there, many of whom point out that Ghost is either a cheap Mercyful Fate knockoff or a Blue Oyster Cult clone. About that -- neither description is accurate by itself, but there's something to both statements, as some of the riffs on Opus do harken back to the Fate of old, and the vocal lines are quite plainly reminiscient of the Cult, while on Infestissuman the similarities to both bands (especially MF) are lessened as the band is defining its own style. Really, describing Ghost as a MF/BOC cross doesn't do the band justice, even if it's not terribly off the mark. Apparently the official band name (at least for the US market) is Ghost BC due to name conflict/trademark issues.


Opus Eponymous 
2010 Rise Above
  1. Deus Culpa
  2. Con Clavi Con Dio
  3. Ritual
  4. Elizabeth
  5. Stand by Him
  6. Satan Prayer
  7. Death Knell
  8. Prime Mover
  9. Genesis
2010 BNR Top Ten album

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2013 Loma Vista
  1. Infestissumam
  2. Per Aspera Ad Inferi
  3. Secular Haze
  4. Jigolo Har Megiddo
  5. Ghuleh / Zombie Queen
  6. Year Zero
  7. Idolatrine
  8. Body And Blood
  9. Depth Of Satans Eyes
  10. Monstrance Clock
2013 BNR Top Ten album

(EP) If You Have Ghost 
2013 Sonet
  1. If You Have Ghosts (Roky Erickson cover)
  2. I'm a Marionette (ABBA cover)
  3. Crucified (Army of Lovers cover)
  4. Waiting for the Night (Depeche Mode cover)
  5. Secular Haze (live)

2015 Loma Vista
  1. Spirit
  2. From The Pinnacle To The Pit
  3. Cirice
  4. Spöksonat
  5. He Is
  6. Mummy Dust
  7. Majesty
  8. Devil Church
  9. Absolution
  10. Deus In Absentia
2015 BNR Top Ten album


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