Origin: Atlanta, GA, USA
Genres: Death Metal


Gnostic is the new band by original Atheist drummer Steve Flynn -- having been away from the scene for some time, he recruited a set of guys similarly into progressive/fusion-laced extreme metal (speaking of Atheist, they're back in action, with Steve, and with the two guitarists here), and in 2009 the band debuted with Engineering The Rule. The quick take is that this is Atheist on steroids, as they've got the base of tech death metal and have ratcheted everything up a notch. Maybe "tech-core" is a better term, as the dizzying array of constantly changing riffs and tempos that tech death metal fans live for, but Kevin Freeman's angry shouts reveal a more hardcore background. Flynn is one of several stars here, his drumming is all over the place, with the guitar tandem of Chris Baker and Sonny Carson also deserving praise. In the end, this is tech metal -- forget about standard song structures and toe-tapping accessible tunes, and instead brace yourself for the barrage of riffs, solos, and general musical chaos.

Current Members

Kevin Freeman


Sonny Carson

guitars (ex-Atheist)

Chris Baker

guitars (ex-Atheist)

Jonathan Thompson

bass (ex-Atheist)

Steve Flynn

drums (Atheist)

Former Members/Guests

Stephen Morley



Engineering The Rule 
2009 Season Of Mist
  1. Visceral
  2. Isolate Gravity
  3. Sleeping Ground
  4. Composition
  5. Wall Of Lies
  6. Violent Calm
  7. Life Suffering
  8. Corrosive
  9. Mindlock
  10. Splinters Of Change
  • Kevin Freeman
  • Sonny Carson
  • Chris Baker
  • Stephen Morley
  • Steve Flynn

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