Origin: Brooklyn, NY, USA
Genres: Power Metal
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Gothic Knights  

Brooklyn's Gothic Knights endeavor to bring back the glory of classic 80's power metal, with a style reminiscent of bands such as Savage Grace, Agent Steel, and Warlord. The band has recorded sporadically over the years, with their latest, Reflections From The Other Side, released in 2012.

Current Members

Rick Sanchez


John Tzantis

guitars/backing vocals

Dave Seligman

guitars/backing vocals

Mario Cosentino

bass/backing vocals

Jared Sloan


Kevin DeDario


Former Members/Guests

Bryan Avatar


Brian Dispost


Kevin Myers

drums (ex-Cypher Seer)

Frank Gilchriest

drums (ex-Holy Mother, ex-Riot, Virgin Steele)


Gothic Knights 
1996 Sentinel Steel
  1. Creature of the Dark
  2. Bridge Keeper
  3. Nightmare of the Witch
  4. Heart of Sorrow
  5. The Magi
  6. War in the Sky
  7. Darkest Knight
  • Rick Sanchez
  • John Tzantis
  • Mario Cosentino
  • Brian Dispost

Kingdom Of The Knights 
1999 Sentinel Steel
  1. At Dawn you Die
  2. War in the Sky
  3. Ring of Souls
  4. Song Of Roland
  5. Demons Buried Within
  6. That Evil Wizard
  7. Keeper of the Gate
  8. The Ripper
  • Bryan Avatar
  • John Tzantis
  • Mario Cosentino
  • Kevin Myers

Up From The Ashes 
2003 Limb Music
  1. Power and the glory
  2. Warrior of faith
  3. Down in flames
  4. Up from the ashes
  5. Vampyre
  6. The witching hour
  7. Sleepy hollow
  8. Guardians Archangel
  9. Heaven's fire
  10. Dear queen
  11. The 13th warrior
  • Rick Sanchez
  • John Tzantis
  • Mario Cosentino
  • Frank Gilchriest

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Reflections Of The Other Side 
2012 self-released
  1. Death from Above
  2. Lord of the Underworld
  3. Welcome to My Horror
  4. Scythe Denied
  5. 1689, Trial of the Witch
  6. Shadows of Time
  7. Devil's Playground
  8. Zero Hour
  9. Writing on the Wall
  10. Ave Satani
  11. The Omen
  • Rick Sanchez
  • John Tzantis
  • Dave Seligman
  • Mario Cosentino
  • Jared Sloan
  • Kevin DeDario


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