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Green Carnation  

The history of Green Carnation dates back to 1990, when they were formed by Tchort, Chris Botteri, X-Botteri, and Anders Kobro. Essentially a death metal band at that time, a demo was recorded in 1992, but the band essentially split up when Tchort was invited to join Emperor. The other three members regrouped and formed the nucleus of the avant-garde black metal band In The Woods .... Fast forward to 1998, with Tchort done with Emperor and In The Woods ... having run its course, Tchort and the Botteris regrouped and eventually the first album, Journey To The End Of The Night, inspired largely by the death of Tchort's daughter, was released in 1999, featuring several guest vocalists including Vibeke Stein of Tristania, Atle Dørum (Drawn), and Synne Soprana of In The Woods .... By 2001 the Botteri brothers had left the band, but founding member Anders Kobro returned, and a new Tchort-led lineup released the brilliant Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness later that year.

Musically, Green Carnation is hard to pin down. At the core of their music is doom metal, but without the ultra-heavy riffing and general depression that often accompanies that genre. Instead, the band relies on atmospherics and mood, creating an almost dreamy ambience as the guitars and vocals (of which there are many styles) play off each other. While both albums are excellent in their own right (and not wildly different in style), it's Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness where the band truly shines. Single-track albums are rarely attempted and fewer succeed (one good one from several years ago is Edge Of Sanity's Crimson), but Light Of Day is simply outstanding, an emotional journey, drifting from heaviness to lightness with ease, all the more impressive in that the listener is never left with the "will this song ever end?" feeling that one might expect from an hour-long opus. Since Light Of Day the band has continued to evolve and mutate, adopting an arguably less metallic sound (indeed, parts of A Blessing In Disguise are surprisingly upbeat) but never failing to stretch the listener's imagination. Green Carnation is unquestionably one of the best metal bands of the 21st century.

Following a failed tour and citing exhaustion and dissillusionment from several members, the band has more or less dissolved, with Tchort leaving open the possibility of recording new music with new members at some time in the future.

Current Members

Tchort (Terje Vik Schei)

guitars (ex-Blood Red Throne, Carpathian Forest, ex-Emperor)

Former Members/Guests

(several guest vocalists)


Kjetil Nordhus

vocals (ex-Chain Collector, Subterranean Masquerade, Tristania, ex-Trail Of Tears)

X. Botteri

guitars (ex-In The Woods ...)

Bjørn Harstad

guitars (ex-In The Woods ...)

Michael Krumins

guitars (ex-Sirenia)

Christopher Botteri

bass (ex-In The Woods ...)

Stein Roger Sordal


Bernt A. Moen

keyboards/cello (ex-Blood Red Throne)

Kenneth Silden


Alf Tore Rasmussen


Anders Kobro

drums (Carpathian Forest, Chain Collector, ex-In The Woods ..., ex-Scariot)

Tommy Jackson

drums (ex-Zerozonic)


Journey To The End Of The Night 
  1. Falling into darkness
  2. In the realm of the midnight sun
  3. My dark reflections of life and death
  4. Under eternal stars
  5. Journey to the end of night (Part I)
  6. Echoes of despair (Part II)
  7. End of journey? (Part III)
  8. Shattered (Part IV)
  • (several guest vocalists)
  • Tchort
  • X. Botteri
  • Christopher Botteri
  • Alf Tore Rasmussen

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Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness 
2001 The End
  1. Light of day, day of darkness
  • Kjetil Nordhus
  • Tchort
  • Bjørn Harstad
  • Stein Roger Sordal
  • Anders Kobro

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A Blessing In Disguise 
2003 Season Of Mist
  1. Crushed To Dust
  2. Lullaby In Winter
  3. Writings On The Wall
  4. Into Deep
  5. The Boy In The Attic
  6. Two Seconds In Life
  7. Myron & Cole
  8. As Life Flows By
  9. Rain
  • Kjetil Nordhus
  • Tchort
  • Bjørn Harstad
  • Stein Roger Sordal
  • Bernt A. Moen
  • Anders Kobro

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Alive And Well ... Who Am I? 
2004 Metal Mind

The Quiet Offspring 
2005 The End
  1. The Quiet Offspring
  2. Between The Gentle Small & The Standing Tall
  3. Just When You Think It's Safe
  4. A Place For Me
  5. The Everlasting Moment
  6. Purple Door, Pitch Black
  7. Childsplay Part I
  8. Dead but Dreaming
  9. Pile Of Doubt
  10. When I Was You
  11. Childsplay Part II
  • Kjetil Nordhus
  • Tchort
  • Michael Krumins
  • Stein Roger Sordal
  • Kenneth Silden
  • Anders Kobro

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The Acoustic Verses 
2006 The End
  1. Sweet Leaf
  2. The Burden Is Mine ... Alone
  3. Maybe?
  4. Alone
  5. 9-29-045
  6. Childs Play Part III
  7. High Tide Waves
  • Kjetil Nordhus
  • Tchort
  • Bjørn Harstad
  • Michael Krumins
  • Stein Roger Sordal
  • Bernt A. Moen
  • Kenneth Silden
  • Tommy Jackson

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A Night Under The Dam 
2007 Sublife


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