Origin: England
Genres: NWOBHM
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Grim Reaper  

Grim Reaper's introduction to the metal scene is found on the classic 1981 compilation Heavy Metal Heroes with their dark, very NWOBHM-sounding "The Reaper", easily one of the top tracks on that album (though not really sounding a lot like their later material). Eventually they signed to tiny Ebony Records, by which time they had recruited a new vocalist in Steve Grimmett and had adopted a more mainstream metal style. Somehow their debut album, See You In Hell, attracted the interest of RCA, who eventually re-released the album and jump-started the band's career. They achieved remarkable success over the course of three albums despite never being exceptionally original (the album titles, and song titles too, are often pretty cliche-ridden). Grimmett later went to Onslaught and then on to a band called Lionsheart, while guitarist Nick Bowcott achieved some fame writing guitar articles for various rock/metal magazines.

Current Members

Steve Grimmett

vocals (ex-Chateaux, ex-Onslaught)

Nick Bowcott


Dave Wanklin


Lee Harris


Former Members/Guests

Mark Simon



See You In Hell 
1984 Ebony
  1. See You In Hell
  2. Dead On Arrival
  3. Liar
  4. Wrath Of The Ripper
  5. Now Or Never
  6. Run For Your Life
  7. The Show Must Go On
  8. All Hell Let Loose
  • Steve Grimmett
  • Nick Bowcott
  • Dave Wanklin
  • Mark Simon

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Fear No Evil 
1985 Ebony
  1. Fear No Evil
  2. Never Coming Back
  3. Lord Of Darkness (Your Living Hell)
  4. Matter Of Time
  5. Rock & Roll Tonight
  6. Let The Thunder Roar
  7. Lay It On The Line
  8. Fight For The Last
  9. Final Scream
  • Steve Grimmett
  • Nick Bowcott
  • Dave Wanklin
  • Mark Simon

Rock You To Hell 
1987 RCA
  1. Rock You To Hell
  2. Night Of The Vampire
  3. Lust For Freedom
  4. When Heaven Comes Down
  5. Suck It And See
  6. Rock Me 'Till I Die
  7. You'll Wish That You Were Never Born
  8. Waysted Love
  9. I Want More
  • Steve Grimmett
  • Nick Bowcott
  • Dave Wanklin
  • Lee Harris

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The Best Of Grim Reaper  COMPILATION
1999 RCA
  1. See You In Hell
  2. Fear No Evil
  3. Rock You To Hell
  4. Wrath Of The Reaper
  5. Lust For Freedom
  6. Never Coming Back
  7. All Hell Let Loose
  8. The Show Must Go On
  9. Let The Thunder Roar
  10. Run For Your Life
  11. Waysted Love
  12. Now Or Never
  13. Fight For The Last
  14. Dead On Arrival
  15. Lay It On The Line
  16. Suck It And See
  17. Final Scream


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