Origin: USA
Genres: Doom Metal, Sludge Metal


Grief carved a decent underground career playing ponderous, hateful sludge-doom, with rather bleak lyrics, at least judging from song titles such as "I Hate The Human Race", "Shoot Me", and "Miserably Ever After". The band released numerous singles and split EPs along with the five albums listed (the sixth, Turbulent Time, is a compilation of rarities and leftovers). The band first officially broke up in 2001, citing a dislike for the current doom scene (a lack of a consistent drummer, a problem that plagued the band throughout its career, was also a contributing factor), and since then have reformed and disbanded several times.

Current Members

Jeff Hayward


John Heidenrich


Eric Harrison


Rick Johnson


Former Members/Guests

Terry Savastano

guitars (ex-Warhorse)

Jay Stiles


Randy Odierno


Chuck Conlon



1993 Common Cause
  1. Rhinoceros
  2. Isolation
  3. Coma
  4. Shoot Me ...
  5. Fucked Upstairs
  6. Depression
  7. Virus
  8. Fleshpress
  9. The Drone
  • Jeff Hayward
  • Terry Savastano
  • Jay Stiles
  • Randy Odierno

Come To Grief 
1994 Century Media
  1. Earthworm
  2. Hate Grows Stronger
  3. World Of Hurt
  4. I Hate You
  5. Ruined
  6. Fed Up
  7. Stricken
  8. Come To Grief
  • Jeff Hayward
  • Terry Savastano
  • Randy Odierno
  • Rick Johnson

Miserably Ever After 
1996 Pessimiser
  1. One Of Those Days
  2. Low Life
  3. Nuisance
  4. Angry Man
  5. Miserably Ever After
  6. Straight-Edge Closed Mind
  7. Why Should You Care?
  8. I Hate The Human Race
  9. Trust

1997 Pessimiser
  1. I Hate Lucy
  2. Polluted
  3. Amorphous
  4. Life Can Be
  5. To Serve And Neglect
  6. Beyond Waste
  7. Tar
  • Jeff Hayward
  • Terry Savastano
  • Eric Harrison
  • Randy Odierno

And Man Will Become The Hunted 
2000 Pessimiser
  1. Predator
  2. I Won’t Come Back
  3. If The World Was Flat
  4. Ostrich
  5. Hurricane Jello
  6. Down In The Dumps Agai
  7. No Escape
  8. When Rotten Ideas Break Free
  • Jeff Hayward
  • Terry Savastano
  • Eric Harrison
  • Chuck Conlon

Turbulent Times 
2002 Southern Lord
  1. Lifeless
  2. Fucked Upstairs
  3. Falling Apart
  4. Earthworm (Unreleased version)
  5. Depression (Suicide version)
  6. I Hate You
  7. Pessimiser
  8. No Choice
  9. My Dilemma
  10. Bored
  • Jeff Hayward
  • Terry Savastano
  • Eric Harrison
  • Rick Johnson

2006 Southern Lord
  1. One Of Those Days
  2. Earthworm
  3. World Of Hurt
  4. I Hate The Human Race
  5. Polluted
  6. Ruined
  7. Angry Man
  • Jeff Hayward
  • John Heidenrich
  • Eric Harrison
  • Rick Johnson


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