Origin: England
Genres: Black Metal
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Hecate Enthroned  

Being a British black metal band invites inevitable comparisons to Cradle Of Filth, a fate that has befallen Hecate Enthroned for much of their early career (and with the ex-vocalist serving time in COF once upon a time, the comparisons are all the more unavoidable). And indeed, the early Hecate albums do resemble early Cradle albums to a point, featuring a similar symphonic black metal style, as well as some of the most ungodly shrieking vocals I've heard in a long time. Ultimately, though, as both bands grow, they will naturally grow apart, and that is what has happened here, particularly since the more recent releases, such as Kings Of Chaos, show a noticeable shift towards death metal, though still retaining some of the early black roots.

Current Members

Elliot Beaver






Dylan Hughes




Gareth Hardy


Former Members/Guests

Jon Richard


Dean Seddan




Paul Massey








Robert Kendrick



Upon Promeathean Shores 
1997 Blackend
  1. Promethean Thy Darkest Mask Of Surreality
  2. The Crimson Thorns (My Immortal Dreams)
  3. A Graven Winter
  4. To Feed Upon Thy Dreams
  5. An Ode For A Haunted Wood
  6. Through Spellbinding Branches (Deepest Witchcraft)
  • Jon Richard
  • Nigel
  • Marc
  • Paul Massey
  • Michael
  • Craig

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The Slaughter Of Innocence 
1997 Blackend
  1. Goetia
  2. Beneath a December twilight
  3. The spell of the winter forest
  4. Aflame in the halls of blasphemy
  5. A monument for eternal martyrdom
  6. The slaughter of innocence, a requiem for the mighty
  7. At the haunted gallows of dawn
  8. Christfire
  9. Within the ruins of eden
  10. The danse macabre
  11. The beckoning (An eternity of darkness)
  • Jon Richard
  • Nigel
  • Andy
  • Dylan Hughes
  • Michael
  • Robert Kendrick

Dark Requiems 
1999 Blackend
  1. (Intro) In nomine satanas
  2. The pagan swords of legend
  3. Centuries of wolfen hunger
  4. Forever in ebony drowning
  5. Upon the kingdom throne
  6. For thee, in sinful obscurity
  7. Dark requiems and unsilent massacres
  8. Thy sorrow bequeathed
  9. The scarlet forsaken
  10. Ancient graveless dawn
  • Jon Richard
  • Nigel
  • Andy
  • Dylan Hughes
  • Michael
  • Robert Kendrick

Kings Of Chaos 
2000 Blackend
  1. Miasma
  2. Perjurer
  3. Deceiving The Deceiver
  4. Malignant Entity
  5. Blessing In Disguise
  6. I Am Born
  7. Exhalted In Depravity
  8. Conquest Complete
  9. The Downfall
  10. Repent
  11. Witch Queen Ascending
  • Dean Seddan
  • Nigel
  • Andy
  • Dylan Hughes
  • Daz
  • Robert Kendrick

(EP) Miasma 
2001 Blackend
  1. So Called Saviour
  2. New Day Emerges
  3. Commence The Chaos
  4. Designed With Hate
  5. Silenced But For Their Cries (I Am Born Part II)
  6. Buried Alive
  • Dean Seddan
  • Nigel
  • Andy
  • Dylan Hughes
  • Daz
  • Robert Kendrick

2004 Blackend
  1. Intro
  2. Soil Of Sin
  3. Headhunter
  4. No One Hears
  5. The Face Of Betrayal
  6. As Fire
  7. The Shining Delight
  8. An Eternal Belief (I Am Born Part III)
  9. Morbeea
  10. Redimus
  11. Choose Misanthropy
  12. Overriding Imagination
  • Dean Seddan
  • Nigel
  • Andy
  • Dylan Hughes
  • Daz
  • Robert Kendrick

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The Blackend Collection  COMPILATION
2005 Blackend
  1. Goetia
  2. Beneath a Decmber Twighlight
  3. The Spell of the Winter Forest
  4. A Flame in the Halls of Blasphemy
  5. A Monument for Eternal Martyrdom
  6. The Slaughter of Innocence, A Requiem for the Mighty
  7. At the Haunted Gallows of Dawn
  8. Christfire
  9. Within the Ruins of Eden
  10. The Danse Macabre
  11. The Beckoning (An Eternity of Darkness)
  12. (Intro) In Nomine Satanas
  13. The Pagan Swords of Legend
  14. Centuries of Wolfen Hunger
  15. Forever in Ebony Drowning
  16. Upon the Kingdom Throne
  17. For Thee in Sinful Obscurity
  18. Dark Requiems and Unsilent Massacre
  19. Thy Sorrow Bequeathed
  20. The Scarlet Forsaken
  21. Ancient Graveless Dawn
  22. Miasma
  23. Perjurer
  24. Deceiving the Deceiver
  25. Maligant Entity
  26. Blessing in Disguise
  27. I Am Born
  28. Exalted in Depravity
  29. Conquest Complete
  30. The Downfall
  31. Repent
  32. Witch Queen Ascending

Virulent Rapture 
2013 Crank Music
  1. Thrones of Shadow
  2. Unchained
  3. Abyssal March
  4. Plagued by Black Death
  5. Euphoria
  6. Virulent Rapture
  7. Life
  8. To Wield the Hand of Perdition
  9. Of Witchery and the Blood Moon
  10. Immateria
  11. Paths of Silence
  • Elliot Beaver
  • Nigel
  • Andy
  • Dylan Hughes
  • Pete
  • Gareth Hardy


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