Origin: Houston, TX, USA
Genres: Power Metal, 80's Metal
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Helstar was one of the classic American power metal bands of the eighties. They dominated with four solid albums recorded frmo 1984 to 1988, but following the release of their fifth, Multiples Of Black in 1995, vocalist and sole original member James Rivera left, and the band went through many years of inactivity though formally they never broke up. Rivera hopped from band to band in the intervening years, racking up an impressive resume in the process and furthering his status as one of the better power metal vocalists the US has produced. Finally, several of the core members including Rivera came back together in 2006 and the band has continued to record quality American classic metal albums.

Current Members

James Rivera

vocals (Distant Thunder, ex-Destiny's End, Killing Machine, Malice, ex-Seven Witches, ex-Vicious Rumors)

Larry Barragan


Andrew Atwood


Garrick Smith


Michael Lewis


Former Members/Guests

Aaron Garza


Tom Rogers


Robert Trevino


Andre Corbin


D. Michael Heald


Paul Medina


Jerry Abarca


Hector Pavon


Rene Luna


Frank Ferreira


Russel DeLeon



Burning Star 
1984 Combat
  1. Burning Star
  2. Towards the Unknown
  3. Witch's Eye
  4. Run with the Pack
  5. Leather and Lust
  6. Possession
  7. Shadows of Iga
  8. Dracula's Castle
  • James Rivera
  • Larry Barragan
  • Tom Rogers
  • Paul Medina
  • Hector Pavon
1984 BNR Top Ten album

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Remnants Of War 
1986 Combat
  1. Unidos Por Tristeza
  2. Remnants of War
  3. Conquest
  4. Evil Reign
  5. Destroyer
  6. Suicidal Nightmare
  7. Dark Queen
  8. Face the Wicked One
  9. Angel of Death
  • James Rivera
  • Larry Barragan
  • Robert Trevino
  • Jerry Abarca
  • Rene Luna

A Distant Thunder 
1988 Metal Blade
  1. The King is Dead
  2. Bitter End
  3. Abandon Ship
  4. Tyrannicide
  5. Scorcher
  6. Genius of Insanity
  7. (The) Whore of Babylon
  8. Winds of War
  9. He's a Woman, She's a Man
  • James Rivera
  • Larry Barragan
  • Andre Corbin
  • Jerry Abarca
  • Frank Ferreira

1989 Metal Blade
  1. Rhapsody in Black
  2. Baptized in Blood
  3. To Sleep, Per Chance to Scream
  4. Harker's Tale
  5. Perseverance & Desperation
  6. The Curse Has Passed Away
  7. Benediciton
  8. Harsh Reality
  9. Swirling Madness
  10. Von Am Lebem Strum
  11. Aieliaria and Everonn
  • James Rivera
  • Larry Barragan
  • Andre Corbin
  • Jerry Abarca
  • Frank Ferreira

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Multiples Of Black 
1995 Massacre
  1. No Second Chance
  2. Will It Catch Again
  3. Lost To Be Found
  4. When We Only Bleed
  5. Reality
  6. Good Day To Die
  7. Beyond The Realm Of Death
  8. Save Time
  9. Black Silouette Skies
  10. Last Serenade
  • James Rivera
  • Aaron Garza
  • D. Michael Heald
  • Jerry Abarca
  • Russel DeLeon

Twas The Night Of A Helish X-Mas  LIVE
2000 Metal Blade
  1. Swirling Madness
  2. The King Is Dead
  3. Evil Reign
  4. Abandon Ship
  5. Baptized in Blood
  6. To Sleep, Per Chance to Scream
  7. Harker's Tale
  8. The Curse Has Passed Away
  9. Scorcher
  10. Angel of Death
  • James Rivera
  • Larry Barragan
  • Andre Corbin
  • Jerry Abarca
  • Frank Ferreira

Burning Alive 
2006 Perris

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Sins Of The Past 
2007 AFM
  1. Burning Star
  2. Suicidal Nightmare
  3. The King Is Dead
  4. Evil Reign
  5. Baptized In Blood
  6. WItch's Eye
  7. Tyrannicide
  8. Harker's Tale
  9. Angel Of Death
  10. Dracula's Castle
  11. Face The Wicked One
  12. Tormentor
  13. Caress Of The Dead
  • James Rivera
  • Larry Barragan
  • Robert Trevino
  • Jerry Abarca
  • Russel DeLeon

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The King Of Hell 
2008 AFM
  1. The King of Hell
  2. The Plague Called Man
  3. Tormentor
  4. When Empires Fall
  5. Wicked Disposition
  6. Caress of the Dead
  7. Pain Will Be Thy Name
  8. In My Darkness
  9. The Garden of Temptation
  • James Rivera
  • Larry Barragan
  • Robert Trevino
  • Jerry Abarca
  • Russel DeLeon

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Rising From The Grave  BOXED SET
2010 Metal Blade
  1. CD A Distant Thunder
  2. CD Nosferatu
  3. CD Twas the Night of a Helish X-Mas

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Glory Of Chaos 
2010 AFM
  1. Angels Fall To Hell
  2. Pandemonium
  3. Monarch Of Bloodshed
  4. Bone Crusher
  5. Summer Of Hate
  6. Dethtrap
  7. Anger
  8. Trinity Of Heresy
  9. Alma Negra
  10. Zero One
  • James Rivera
  • Larry Barragan
  • Robert Trevino
  • Jerry Abarca
  • Michael Lewis

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30 Years Of Hel 
2012 AFM

This Wicked Nest 
2014 AFM
  1. Fall of Dominion
  2. Eternal Black
  3. This Wicked Nest
  4. Souls Cry
  5. Isla de las Muņecas
  6. Cursed
  7. It Has Risen
  8. Defy the Swarm
  9. Magormissabib
  • James Rivera
  • Larry Barragan
  • Robert Trevino
  • Michael Lewis

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2016 EMP
  1. Awaken into Darkness
  2. Blood Lust
  3. To Dust You Will Become
  4. Off with His Head
  5. From the Pulpit to the Pit
  6. To Their Death Beds They Fell
  7. Malediction
  8. Repent in Fire
  9. Abolish the Sun
  10. Black Cathedral
  11. Dreamless Sleep
  • James Rivera
  • Larry Barragan
  • Andrew Atwood
  • Garrick Smith
  • Michael Lewis


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