Origin: KS, USA
Genres: Traditional Metal


This band is billed as either a Manilla Road side project or an outright Mark Shelton solo project, except that the band is named after the keyboardist/bassist, which is a bit confusing. Anyway, the listener should know what to expect -- Shelton has one of the most distinctive voices in metal, and even the music isn't a million miles from Manilla Road, though it's a bit more thrashy, a bit more progressive, and arguably a bit more dynamic as well. Beyond The Boundaries Of Sin was released in 2012 and Manilla Road has recorded two albums since as of this writing, so it's not clear whether this project is ongoing or not. In any case, Manilla Road fans should definitely check out this band.

Current Members

Mark Shelton

guitars/vocals (Manilla Road)

E.C. Hellwell

bass/keyboards/backing vocals (ex-Manilla Road)

Johnny Benson

drums/backing vocals


Beyond The Boundaries Of Sin 
2012 Shadow Kingdom
  1. The Strange Case of Dr. Henry Howard Holmes
  2. Eaters of the Dead
  3. Keepers of the Devils Inn
  4. Deadly Nightshade
  5. Acheronomicon I. Tomb of the Unnamed One
  6. Acheronomicon II. The Heart of Ahriman
  7. Acheronomicon III. End of Days
  • Mark Shelton
  • E.C. Hellwell
  • Johnny Benson

Behind The Demon's Eyes 
2017 High Roller
  1. Lightwave
  2. Necromantio
  3. To Serve Man
  4. It's Alive
  5. The Galaxy Being
  6. The Last Rites of Edward Hawthorn


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