Origin: Italy
Genres: Black Metal
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Hortus Animae  

Hortus Animae is an Italian black metal band that was formed in 1997, and, as evidenced by their recent Waltzing Mephisto release, they are a band with quite a bit of promise. Black metal is the root of their style, but they toss in several other elements and ideas (among them, prog and gothic metal) to forge a relatively diverse style. Fusing Mayhem and Mike Oldfield in a single song is notable in itself, and an indication that the band isn't afraid to try something different. Waltzing Mephisto is a highly recommended symphonic black metal album, but the best may be yet to come for these guys.

Current Members

Martyr Lucifer


Hypnos (Gianluca Bacchilega)


Amon 418 (Fabio Bartolini)

guitars/keyboards (Hate Profile)



Grom (Diego Meraviglia)

drums (Ancient, DoomSword, Hate Profile)

Former Members/Guests

Thomas Ghirardelli



The Melting Idols 
  1. Luciferian Twilight
  2. The Bless Of Eternal Bleeding
  3. Cruciatus Tacitus
  4. Spell & Devotion (Impromptu Opus I)
  5. The Melting Idols I) - Prisoners Of Dusk
  6. The Melting Idols II) - Beholding The Death Of His Son
  7. The Melting Idols III) - Fallen Angel's Mourning Silences
  8. Even Death Is Useless
  • Martyr Lucifer
  • Bless
  • Thomas Ghirardelli

Waltzing Mephisto 
2003 Black Lotus
  1. Enter
  2. A Lifetime Obscurity Part I
  3. A Lifetime Obscurity Part II
  4. Springtime Deaths
  5. Souls Of The Cold Wind
  6. Welcome The Godless
  7. Freezing Moon Including Terzo Incontro And Tubular Bells
  8. A Feeble Light Of Hope
  • Martyr Lucifer
  • Hypnos
  • Bless
  • Grom

Reviews:   Lords Of Metal  Metal Observer 

The Blow Of Furious Winds 
2005 Sleazy Rider
  1. Chapter One: Furious Winds / Locusts
  2. Chapter Two: The Mud And The Blood / Funeral Nation
  3. Chapter Three: The Heartfelt Murder
  4. Chapter Four: The Virgin Whore
  5. Chapter Five: In Adoration Of The Weeping Skies
  6. Chapter Six: Across The Sea Of Pain
  7. Chapter Seven: Bible Black
  8. Chapter Eight: A Gothic Ghost / The Death Of All Beauty
  9. Chapter Nine: Garden Of Fairies
  10. Appendix 1: The Fairy Fellers Masterstroke / Nevermore
  11. Appendix 2: Windfall / Summoning Of The Muse
  • Martyr Lucifer
  • Hypnos
  • Amon 418
  • Bless
  • Grom

Funeral Nation / 10 Years Of Hortus Animae  COMPILATION
2008 Sleazy Rider

2012 Thrash Corner
  1. Furious Winds / Locusts
  2. The Mud and the Blood / Funeral Nation
  3. The Heartfelt Murder
  4. The Virgin Whore
  5. In Adoration of the Weeping Skies
  6. Across the Sea of Pain
  7. Bible Black
  8. A Gothic Ghost / The Death of All Beauty
  9. Garden of Fairies
  10. The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke / Nevermore
  11. Windfall introducing Summoning of the Muse
  12. Freezing Moon including Terzo Incontro and Tubular Bells

Secular Music 
  1. God and His Disgusting Children
  2. Blood of the Earth / The Truth Against the World
  3. Dystopian Apocalypse
  4. At the End of Doomsday
  5. The Poison of the Naga
  6. Impromptu Op. II / Pain Relieved
  7. Chamber of Endless Nightmares
  8. Aqualung (Jethro Tull cover)
  • Martyr Lucifer
  • Hypnos
  • Bless
  • Grom


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