Origin: Pasadena, CA, USA
Genres: Power Metal
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Holy Grail  

Around 2009, the Los Angeles band White Wizzard was on the rise when a fallout occurred, with that band's leader essentially dismissing the other three members of the group. Undaunted, that trio put together a new project, and this here Holy Grail was formed, with a similar bent on bringing back the sounds of classic 80's metal. Crisis In Utopia is a capable album, full of frenzied riffing and soloing, perhaps lacking that spark that separates them from the many other bands doing this sort of thing. Give them time to grow, and these guys just might make it big.

Current Members

James Paul Luna

vocals (ex-White Wizzard)

Alex Lee

guitars (ex-Bonded By Blood)

Eli Santana

guitars (Huntress)

Blake Mount


Tyler Meahl

drums (Huntress, ex-White Wizzard)

Former Members/Guests

James LaRue

guitars (Vindicator, ex-White Wizzard)


(EP) Improper Burial 
  1. Fight To Kill
  2. Immortal Man
  • James Paul Luna
  • James LaRue
  • Eli Santana
  • Blake Mount
  • Tyler Meahl

Crisis In Utopia 
2010 Prosthetic
  1. My Last Attack
  2. Fight to Kill
  3. Call of Valhalla
  4. Crisis in Utopia
  5. Immortal Man
  6. Nocturne in D Minor
  7. The Blackest Night
  8. Chase the Wind
  9. Hollow Ground
  10. Requiem
  11. Cherish Disdain
  • James Paul Luna
  • James LaRue
  • Eli Santana
  • Blake Mount
  • Tyler Meahl

Reviews:   Metal Observer 

Ride The Void 
2013 Prosthetic
  1. No Presents For Christmas (King Diamond cover)
  2. Kill The King (Rainbow cover)
  3. Archeus
  4. Bestia Triumphans
  5. Dark Passenger
  6. Bleeding Stone
  7. Ride The Void
  8. Too Decayed To Wait
  9. Crosswinds
  10. Take It To The Grave
  11. Sleep Of Virtue
  12. Silence The Scream
  13. The Great Artifice
  14. Wake Me When It's Over
  15. Rains Of Sorrow
  16. Can't Hide The Wolf (bonus track)
  • James Paul Luna
  • Alex Lee
  • Eli Santana
  • Blake Mount
  • Tyler Meahl


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