Origin: Finland
Genres: Industrial
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Havoc Unit  

Havoc Unit is the continuation of ... And Oceans, as that band decided (on their tenth anniversary) that they were switching styles and thus a name change ensued. The lineup is similar to the last lineup of ... And Oceans, with another new set of stage names just like they did before -- keeping track of real member names in AO was always a major headache and they're doing us historians no favors here either. Anyway, on to the music -- while Oceans was more in the black metal department, sliding into experimentalism as their career progressed, here Havoc Unit have gone full-on industrial, futuristic, extreme metal, with the occasional sampling, plenty of clanky sound effects, but driven by intense harsh riffing and violent vocals that have always been part of the industrial metal scene. This isn't as over-the-top as, say, Anaal Nathrakh or The Axis Of Perdition, as everything is reigned in a bit more here -- perhaps a harsher Red Harvest is a better reference. It seems that this band has changed names yet again, back to their pre-And Oceans name of Festerday. In any case, it seems this incarnation of the group is done.

Current Members

Jos.f (Kena Strömsholm)

vocals (ex-... And Oceans)

T.Kunz (Timo Kontio)


Sa.myel (Sami Latva)

bass/programming (ex-... And Oceans, Rotten Sound)

Heinr.ich (Mika Aalto)

keyboards/programming (ex-... And Oceans, Rotten Sound)


2008 Vendlus
  1. Vermicide
  2. I. esus [The Liturgy of Inhumanity]
  3. When Children Are No Longer Enough [C.oitus O.rgasm C.atholic K.ids]
  4. Generation Genocide [Humanitarian Vivisection]
  5. Viremia [Regime HIV+]
  6. Kyrie Eleison [Totalitarian Libertarianism]
  7. Nihil [Operation Blitzkrieg]
  8. Man vs. Flesh [Structured Suicide]
  9. Ignoratio Elenchi [Reversed Genesis]
  10. Kill All Nations [The Manual of Terrorism]
  11. Kristallnacht [From Revolution to Reconstruction]
  12. Klan Korps [Volkssturm & Erregung]
  13. Rape Scene Act I [The Fine Art of Quality Time]
  • Jos.f
  • T.Kunz
  • Sa.myel
  • Heinr.ich


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