Origin: Sundsvall, Sweden
Genres: Death Metal
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In Battle  

Over the course of five albums this Swedish band has gradually morphed from a Viking/black metal band to the blackened death metal style heard on their 2007 album Kingdom Of Fear. It's relentless, dense, and pretty ferocious, leaving little room for subtlety or variation. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

Current Members

John Odhinn Sandin

vocals (ex-Valkyria)

John Frölén


Hans Carlsson

guitars (ex-Diabolical)

Nils Fjellström

drums (ex-Aeon, Dark Funeral, The Wretched End)

Former Members/Guests

Håkan Sjödin

guitars/bass (Setherial)

Otto Wiklund

drums (ex-Setherial) RIP: August 13, 2006, heart failure


In Battle 
1997 Napalm
  1. Ruler of the Northern Sphere
  2. Enchant Me
  3. År av köld
  4. Doom of the Unbeloved
  5. Odhinn
  6. A Sign of Northern Triumph and Glory
  7. I ofred vi drar fram
  8. The Nocturnal Moon
  9. De hängdas furste
  10. Lokes ätt
  11. Helhorde
  12. In Battle
  • John Odhinn Sandin
  • John Frölén
  • Håkan Sjödin
  • Otto Wiklund

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The Rage Of The Northmen 
2000 Napalm
  1. From the Flesh and Bones of Our Enemies
  2. The Rage of the Northmen
  3. The Spectre of Hate
  4. The Conqueror
  5. The Destroyer of Souls
  6. Muspelheim the Dominion of the Flame
  7. Storms of War
  8. Armies of the Northern Realms
  9. Endless War
  • John Frölén
  • Otto Wiklund

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(EP) Soul Metamorphosis 
  1. Pioneers of a Dead Future
  2. Dawn of Darkness
  3. Soul Metamorphosis
  4. King God
  • John Odhinn Sandin
  • John Frölén
  • Hans Carlsson
  • Nils Fjellström

Welcome To The Battlefield 
2004 Cold
  1. Shunned by Life
  2. Madness in the Realm of War
  3. Eldjättar
  4. Scorched World
  5. Soul Metamorphosis
  6. Despoter
  7. Serpents
  8. The Blood Divine
  9. Stonefaced Mountains
  10. King God
  11. Mass Produced Hybrid Humans
  • John Odhinn Sandin
  • John Frölén
  • Hans Carlsson
  • Nils Fjellström

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Kingdom Of Fear 
2007 Candlelight
  1. Kingdom of Fear
  2. The Multitude
  3. The Wandering One
  4. Follow the Allfather
  5. Tyr
  6. The Dead Shall See
  7. The Curse
  8. I Kamp
  9. Terrorkings
  10. Path of Power
  11. Raven Calls
  • John Odhinn Sandin
  • John Frölén
  • Hans Carlsson
  • Nils Fjellström

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